Friday, October 28, 2005

oh this is so luck I mean.....

Well let's see why. My day started out fairly ok aside from being the usual tired and full of pain. My mom showed up to watch Kaylee and the boys(once they got home) and my MIL showed up to take me to the Dr. that will be putting in my mediport. We started on our way found the dr's office without much of a problem. Got there at 3 which is what time my appointment was for, signed in and sat down. The receptionist called me back up to the window which seemed sooooo far away to fill out the usual boring paperwork. So I sat and I sat and I sat to wait to be called back to see the doctor. 2 freakin hours later they call me back. I sat on the examining table which by the way like any other examining table had no supportive back for another 15-20 minutes. By this time I was ready to just get up and leave. It really pissed me off for the long ass wait. Ok so I am a woman very impatient..I want what I want when I want it!!! Am I the only one like this???Anyway the dr. came in the room shook my hand had me lay down on the table. Then he played with my chest. What he was doing was showing me where at in my chest it would be which I already knew. Pretty much everything he told me about this I I ask why in the hell did I have to go see him an hour and a half away to be told shit I already knew?? The only 2 things he told me that I didn't know were I was going to have to be upside down for a lil bit to get the blood in the vein the correct way and that it was going to be done in his office vs. a hospital. So he is leaving to go on vacation for 2 weeks and then he will be doing this for me. HE told me that it will be 2 weeks after the thing is in before it can be used. So looks like my next round of 'roids should be fun and interesting. Sheila (my home health care nurse) was hoping that she would be able to use my mediport the next time she saw me. Well I was hoping the same..I'm sick of being poked and prodded everytime I get an IV. Oh well one last hurah can't hurt oh wait it will hurt...

Ok that wasn't the only bad luck I had yesterday. I quit taking the Neurontin Tuesday after I talked to my dr's office so I could start taking the Topamax last night. So on my way home from the stupid dr's appointment I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up the Topamx and was on the edge of my seat to get home and take one..thinking the sooner I start the sooner they would work. So me already in not such a great mood (the pain the dr's appt) read the pharmacy brochure and just started crying (again). You see I can't take the Topamax if I don't wanna get pregnant, if I want to continue with the Elavil. That was such a HUGE disappointment to my already bad day. You see I went through all day Wednesday in pain to stop the Neurontin for no freakin reason. I'm yet again disgusted with my healthcare officials!!!!


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