Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rainy, cold, nasty..did I leave anything out????

What a nasty ass weather weekend!!! I guess I should count my blessings as this great (yeah right) beautiful state of New York is expecting some snow on Monday and Tuesday. Oh I'm soooo excited (yeah right). It is supposed to be a rain snow mix so nothing that will stick. Just the point that it will be cold enough to snow. The rain feels like it is never ending it has been raining forever it feels. I know that the rain/snow mix we are supposed to get for Mon. and Tues. is projected because of Wilma. We always get the rain from the hurricanes. Lucky for us that is all it is. I feel for all the people that still choose to live in Florida.

My stupid injection felt like death last night. I really really hate it. The numbing cream would be great if I wasn't allergic to it. That sucks!! Why do I have to have the world's most sensitive skin?? Can anyone please answer this. Ok if I didn't need the numbing cream I wouldn't care if I had this super sensitive skin. Oh well just Another Brick in the Wall of torture from the stupid Rebif!!!!(had to add a lil musical humor as Dave won't be around for a week to give me more music to look for and listen to)

We are drinking a lil tonight. I know I know I am not supposed to due to the liver problems that could be caused by the Rebif but......just ahd my liver enzymes tested and I am all good. So I am gonna do something I am " not allowed" to do. I love breaking rules. I wasn't much for a rule breaker as a now I have to get it outta my system.


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