Friday, October 14, 2005

Slept last night.....was surprised....

Can't believe that I did either. Especially after the steroids yesterday. Didn't fall asleep till around 1 but at least I got some sleep. I know that I kept my husband up though trying to get comfortable. But he wasn't gonna get great sleep anyway because he has had this horrible toothache. Which really sucks beacause he just got done getting all of his dental work done like fillings and his route canal. Then bam he gets hit with a helacious toothache in his front teeth. I feel for him too because the dentist can not see him until the 31st. Kinda makes me alittle scared to get the rest of my dental work done. I have been waiting to go back to the dentist too. I had to quit going because of the Novantrone..the bacteria dental work can drudge up was not good for me while on the chemo. Now that I am done at least for a while I can get back into getting the rest of my teeth work done. I know that I have gotten 3 new cavities which sucks too. At least I am one of these people that takes care of my teeth hell at least I still have teeth right?

I get this word of the day on my front page of my internet and today's word of the day was all too familiar..
(verb) to make worse or more severe.
The roads in our town already have too much traffic; building a new shopping mall will exacerbate the problem.
aggravate, infuriate

Hmm..pretty sure today I knew what this one meant. Is that good or bad? not sure yet..good because I feel smart today bad because I know what it means and to me that word is a 4 letter word.


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