Monday, October 24, 2005

Still rainy and cold and nasty...only difference is it is not the weekend anymore.......

ugghhh...I hate it soooo much too. I can't seem to get warm. No matter what I do!! So yet again this shall be such a wonderful fun Halloween with 3 kids in this yuck weather. I think it is actually supposed to be much better on Monaday. I sure hope the weather people are right. My weather forecast for this week is SNOW SNOW and yep u got it SNOW!!! I so did not expect it to be "warm" (what an ironic kinda word to be using in said situation)enough for any amount of snow to stick!!!! Why do I have to live in the hills....where we always get the damn snow. You kow what pissed me off? When you hear about our (by our I mean Buffalo,NY) weather or our amount of only hear about Buffalo. Screw that Buffalo gets crap compared to what we (by we I mean the southerntier)(by southerntier I mean south of Buffalo about an hour or so)get. When I hear on the news (which by the way they don't really tell a close enough point to my location to get even a half assed close expectancy for weather) that they(Buffalo) got 2 or 3 is like so what I got 6-7 inches!!! Screw this big cities are everything small towns are crap. Our small town has libraries we chose to raise our property taxes at least once in the last 10 years. You think Buffalo and/or Erie County(which is the county of Buffalo) did??? NO NO NO!!! My kids' have music in their class. You know why because we chose to raise our school taxes...Do you think Buffalo schools have as many schools with music and band?? NO NO NO!!! So I think that Buffalo should get all the attention!!! The bad(everything is),ugly(everyone is),good which there is nothing good about Buffalo except for the GooGoo Dolls came from there and my MS specialist is in Buffalo. Other than that Buffalo sucks!!!k done bitchin about this stupid city/county!!!

Well new addition to my wonderful weather forecast!!! 6 inches?? What the F*ck???Yeah ok so it is gonna be mixed with rain. Better you ask?? Hell no it is not better it can actually be more dangerous. Power lines can be downed, trees like the 3 big pine trees that are right in front of my house the ones that can hit my kids' bedroom!!! Yucky Yucky Yucky!!!!

Quorry had his follow up appontment on his back today. The doctor gave him 2 shots of lidocaine in his back. Which had the exact opposite effect on his back. His back hurt sooooo much more now then it did before his appointment. He know has to go to physical therapy. I guess we are perfect for each other eh? Both young people with more problems than our parents have. It is just f-in crazy!!!!


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