Monday, October 03, 2005

Stressful,tiring weeks end.....doesn't make for great weekend...

Well after the 2 long days with my daughter, my weekend pretty much was just catching up on some rest. Like the kinds of rest you need when you were pacing the halls of a hospital all day. That was the kinds of rest I needed. My legs are beyond the on fire neuropathy pain lately. More like they are in the oven turned on to 500 degress with a blow torch. That is how bad they are "burning". I guess mostly my part as I have slacked on my Neurotin these last few days. How stupid was taht? How stupid is it that I am bitching about it and yet still today have not taken one single pill for the pain???
Last night again not much sleep. I have been taking my Zananflex and my Elavil..still not much help. I'm gonna probly call my Neuro and tell her that I am not sleeping well yet again. All last week I had a hard time staying awake until 9 or so. Great..but then I would wake up 1-2 hours after I fell asleep..and then didn't go back to sleep till the wee hours of the morning. I get up with Andrew at 5ish. So not much sleep last week either. Not much sleep for the past couple of months. Oh well at least I am here that is all that matters. Right?? Well yeah of course my babies and my husband need me.
My long distance friend Suzy sent me this great link today. It really great. You should really check it out. It really puts my life inperspective. Makes me not want to take things so much for granted.


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