Friday, November 18, 2005

How is waking up to THIS supposed to help my depression?????

This winter is coming way too early!!! The freezing weather always puts me in a down mood. So I wonder how in the hell I am gonna handle my normal down mood on top of this depression shit. I guess your guess is as good as mine!! It could have been worse for me I suppose weather wise. There were a lot of other towns that got FEET of snow that is crazy. These temperatures are freakin crazy. Too cold to say the least. I think that I may finally give in and call my neuro's office to get some antidepressants..some that may work for me without causing these horrible feelings that I have had on the last few that I have been on. Guess I will just have to wait and see....first have to try to get a hold of my Neuro then getting a prescription should be a piece of cake.

Just got off the phone with my sister-in-law and man is she a bitch. Laughing at the fact that it is freezing here and that there is snow on the ground. See she lives In Hollywood, CA. She was here last year shortly before x-mas and she says she will never come here in the fall or the winter ever again. She was also here in August and was complaining that it was too hot. She is just like me the weather is never good enough for us I guess, My MIL is going there to visit leaving on the 1st of December. Lucky Lucky her.

I have this dilemma for my daughter's birthday party and plainly it SUCKS!!! See Quorry has 4 brothers one of which is only 6. Okay now his brother Josh and his girlfriend Erin come here all the time from Buffalo to visit and hang out. Remember we are still young so yes we do still hang out..I mean I'm 25 and Quorry just turned 24. Anyway his brother Shawn has a girlfriend oh excuse me fiance Ashley. Well Shawn and Josh got into a fight over stupid shit and Ashley claims that Josh punched her and scratched her. Ok he did put his hand through her windshield. She then called the police and pressed charges and put a TRO on him. So now Josh is not allowed around Ashley. Which sucks because his mom and dad won't even let him at their house. This crap is ridiculous. Brothers should not let a girl get in there bond of brotherhood..but they did. So my dilemma is this I would like for Shawn to come to Kaylee's b-day party and Shawn isn't allowed to go anywhere without Ashley. Shawn is the only one aside from us with children he has a beautiful daughter Jenna (not with Ashley) and Kaylee was at Jenna's b-day party. So of course I want Shawn to come with Jenna and like I said he can't go anywhere without Ashley. Josh and Erin like I said come here ALL the time!!! Erin absolutely adores Kaylee and you can see that Kaylee feels the same about her. This may sound selfish or even materialistic..but Erin has spent gobs of money on Kaylee's b-day presents. So it definitely would break her heart if she wasn't invited. So I did invite Josh and Erin last night. Now my next call is to Shawn telling him that he and Jenna can come but Ashley can't because Josh will be here and SHE will be the one breaking the TRO if she comes here knowing full well that Josh is here. At least Quorry's other brother Andrew is definitely coming also with his girlfriend and her son Jeffrey. So I know for sure that 2 of his 4 brothers will be here. The 6 year old I highly doubt because his Dad probably won't drive the 40 minutes to come to her party. Oh well even if no one comes I am still having a birthday party for my daughter. I hate that her birthday if only 5 days before x-mas. It sucks for her!! I remember when I was a kid I didn't feel that my birthday was as important as everyone else's because x-mas overshadowed my b-day. Mind you mine is 11 days before x-mas not 5!! So that is why I have had her first 2 b-day parties a couple weeks before her b-day so she could feel like her b-day is special. This year I am having it on December 2nd. Hopefully the weather will make it possible for everyone to come. We shall see..........


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