Thursday, November 03, 2005

I am soooo lost.......

I got a phone call yesterday from Spence who is the man who came and measured me for my wheelchair. He said you want the good news or the bad news? I said well I am a big girl I can take both. He said that my insurance approved my wheelchair(hooray!!) but there is still an insurance problem. A lady that I spoke with and filled out paperwork with for a new insurance screwed me BIG time. You see I saw her at my son's open house and signed up with a new insurance company she said I have to come to your house next week to finalize everything for your coverage. She said that she would call me that week and see me the following week. Well in the meantime I researched this new insurance and found that they would not cover the home health care nurse coming here to give me my monthly infusions, won't cover my medi-port, I have to get a referral everytime I see my neurologist, won't cover my tubal ligation because it is a Catholic type insurance, won't cover half of my prescriptions. So you see she just finalized everything without my complete approval. It really pisses me off!!! I am due to get steroids (which is one of the drugs they don't cover)(don't forget they will not cover the nurse that does the infusion)sometime next week. I NEED them!!!! I have spoken with a million people from the insurance company explaining what happened and they told me that I have to speak with the lady that did this and tell her to cancel it. I have not been able to get ahold of her as she is not returning my phone calls at all!!! So now I have no idea what the hell I am gonna do???

I've been so not myself lately I am 100% positive it ahs to be depression..I wnet from crying 24/7 to being in the worst of moods with no desire to do anything at all!!! I am having a hard time being nice to anyone. Quorry has noticed more then anyone else..he tries to hold me at night and I push him away. Why? I have no idea I love it when he holds me. I hate feeling like this......


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