Friday, November 04, 2005

I used to know html...what the hell happened???

Man I have been trying to find a background aside from the ones that blogger offers. I found soooo many that I really wanted one in particular I fell in love with. My problem is I don't understand how to do any of this shit any more. I used to be so good at html but apparently it has changed A LOT since I messed with html crap. Now I just have to find someone who is willing to offer their (free)time to help me. That should be fun. So now I have to missions for the year you see I have already amde my new years resolutions. The first and most important to me is that I am damned determined to actually walk in my MS Walk this year vs. riding in my wheelcahir, next mission and resolution is to get theis beautiful template that I want. Stay tuned because I am sure that I will have more missions/resolutions soon.

So the insurance lady called me today and said that they can't cancel me until December 1st because they do theri insurance in 1 month increments. Assholes because of this crap I will be without Rebif for 3 weeks. That is not good. I know that this could be a mind over matter type situation but honestly since starting Rebif I feel a lil better and stronger MS wise. If it is mind over matter so what it's working. I still despise and dread the Rebif shot itself but I am still doing it. I know that I need to as everytday I'm progressiong more and more and the last thing that I want is to be PPMS or SPMS. PRMS is bad enough if you ask me!!

On a more pleasant note I spoke with Dave for almost 2 hours today and MSN messenger. We both had our webcams on. His accent is very sexy!!!! I have to get my new microphone so I can talk to everyone on either msn or yahoo. I ahd a really good time and really wanted to talk to Dave vs. type. It was a good time though. He is definitely a very sweet guy and very polite!!! Thanks Dave for making my afternoon!!!


Blogger personallog! said...

Any time buddy! You are a star and you have a beutiful family! I will allways be here! The short hair is top and it really suits you!

Get you mic asap I cant wait to talk to you!


7:38 PM  

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