Monday, November 21, 2005

More snow is coming my way......yippeee......(yuck).........

Like my title states..More freaking snow. Good thing I have no super duper plans. Okay well I did plan on going shopping on Black Friday but not in this nasty weather we are predicted to get. I can get a lot of the deals on the websites of the stores that I would go to anyway. It is supposed to start snowing tomorrow and not stop for almost a week. Now mind you this is what the local weather stations are saying and they have definitely been known to be wrong. So I guess I will have to take what comes. At least I won't have to worry about my children riding the bus simply because they have the entire week off from school. It has its down sides too though. I'm not used to dealing with all of them just got back into the old routine from after summer break. Oh well I am the mom aren't I?? so it is after all my responsibility to take care of MY children!!!

Oh I want to throw one more bitch about the Larry King show in here. I just remembered how they were all saying how a simple traffic ticket was worse than MS!!!! Yeah right what the freak ever. The doctor on that show didn't help with my hopes that maybe someday in my lifetime there would be a cure. If you guys wanna read the transcripts on this show click here. Maybe to some of you I'm complaining too much about it. Let me tell you I just read the transcript it didn't piss me off as much as watching this damn show did. I know that there is quite the bitch session about it on a few of my message boards. Most especially the message boards that the people like me belong to the people with an aggressive and progressive form of this disease. Oh well though what can we do about it but bitch, moan, and complain?? I personally feel that I at least deserve that much. I have been strong about this MS shit for almost 5 years have not really been in that self pity, poor poor me kinda mode in forever. So dammit I deserve it for once!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to go all the way to Buffalo to Buffalo General Hospital which is where my MS specialists office is and where I will be getting my surgery. I have to go all the way there to get 2 tubes of blood taken for my pre-op. testing. That is just plumb crazy if you ask me a 2 hour drive for 2 tubes of blood??? Ironic if anything. The whole reason I am getting this surgery is because my veins are shot!!! They just collapse at even the sight of a needle. I used to have good veins. But almost 5 years of bing poked and prodded and this IV and that IV my veins have checked out!!!!

I am finally going to get my flu shot this week, Good thing that mine was already on reserve because yet again NY state (at least my area) is dry on the flu shot. Guess maybe they need to start ordering more??
Skipped my Rebif Friday night. Not don't holler at me. I simply was beat from the long emotional week I had and just almost literally passed out. Quorry said he "woke" me like 4 times and everytime I said no I can just do it tomorrow. He said he would have done it anyway except for I was laying on the arm that I prepped with my new found best friend (the lidocaine patch). I didn't even do it Saturday either. I figured I would just do it tonight. I know I am not supposed to do that but it is my first time since starting this drug that I completely skipped a dose. I have skipped a Friday once before and did do on Saturday. Other than that time and this last Friday I have been right on schedule. I even do it at the same time too.........


Blogger personallog! said...

Hi mate, Your damb right to be angry at this sucks! I dont get to view THAT show and I dont think I want too either! It is really top that you have done 5 years and turned out like you have, You should be proud of who you have become! Its rather a gothic point of view to have and I love that your angry! I am too! I just have to work out how I can chanel it into something possitive! Unchanneled hate is only self harming(also very goth!). All we need to do is find the white face paint and shave are eye brows! Fancy joining me?Hehe!


4:53 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

I'll trade Larry for his last 5 tickets anyday. What, 500$ or so, right? Heck, I'll lay out an even grand. Dumb-shit.

Hope things go well for you in Buffalo. I'm down here in Ithaca right now and am feeling your cold spell. I'll be up in Rochester next Saturday too!

9:59 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Dave I think that I would look rather silly without my eyebrows. Don't u??

I'm not as angry about the show right now but wait till I think about it again!!!

12:54 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

oh Ithaca I bet you it is cold there right now. They changed the weather report for me now to 1-3 feet possible today ALONE!!! Let me tell ya we have probably already gotten close to a foot. It sucks!!!

1:05 PM  

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