Thursday, November 10, 2005

Steroids today.....only by the grace of Spence and God........

Well I say that because of this new so called "insurance" more like unassurance to me. Spence the wheelchair guy has been helping me try to conquer this mountain. We spoke on Tuesday morning and he asked me if I made any headway yet and of course the answer was still NO, he said ok here is what you need to Crappy insurance company demand to speak to the supervisor of the super great agent who falsely enrolled you. If you are refused that option call me back because my wife used to work for said insurance company and there for I know people high up the chain of command and you could also get in touch with Eliot Spitzer and you see how fast shit will be taken care of!!!! Well thankfully it did not have to go as far as the NY State Attorney General. I did get in touch with the supervisor and she said that I will be disenrolled as of Dec. 1st. Dec. 1st? are you efin kidding me?? That still poses problems for my upcoming surgery, my wheechair, my steroids, my nurse, and most importantly my REBIF!!!! She said well all I have to do is call her back with the all the details on the Rebif, steroids, and nurse and she will make sure it happens. As for the wheelchair and surgery guess I am SOL at least till after Dec. 1st. Okay so I have gotten the steroids and nurse situation taken care of....but still not a word from anyone regarding the Rebif which by the way I have enough left for Friday and Monday then I'm out completely OUT!!! So we shall see what happens now. I will probably be on the phone again all damn day with Curascript , neuro's office and god knows who the hell else. All I know is if I do not get this refill there will be a phone call to Eliot Spitzer!!!! All of this can not be good for my stress level at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
K well explained Spence's role in my getting steroids now to explain God's role.....

Well you see there was a tornado warning for my county last night. Well I really wasn't that worried as we have had 3 of those warnings in the past 2 weeks. With no tornadoes. Well last night was different you see. I was tuned onto the news like I always am at 5pm and the weather guy says Machias, Delevan, East Otto, and McKinstry Hollow take warning that there is most likely going to be a tornado as the weather conditions are perfect for it in these towns. Now I live in Machias, Mind you where I live is very rural so like East Otto is right over the hill from me Delevan is less than 5 miles and McKinstry Hollow well that is the street next to mine. If I was steady enough on my feet I could walk there. It was raining pretty bad all day and the wind forces have already been horendous for the last 3 or 4 days. So we still weren't too worried. Until we hear this horrible horrible wind, it scared the living shit out of me!!! Then the weather guy comes back on saying we just got an unconfirmed report that a twister touched down in Machias!!! Hello scare me even more why don't you..I mean I live in Machias have 3 small scared kids and a very (thank god) calming type husband trying to protect all of us. Then next thing you know they lifted the warning and everything calmed down which scared me even more!!! You know the calm before the storm crap?? Needless to say I am here I am alive and thanks to God am able to get my steroids today.......(because I am here and alive).......


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Not that I'm suspicious but ... "She said well all I have to do is call her back with the all the details on the Rebif, steroids, and nurse and she will make sure it happens." sure sounds like something that may not be as easy as it sounds.

11:56 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Oh, and good news about that tornado not gettin you! Remember, South-East corner of the basement ... got that?

12:00 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Yeah that is what I thought too. So far got the nurse coming the steroids were delivered Tuesday night. Now to only get the Rebif. I hope that I do because I'm pretty sure missing even one shot could be deteremental(sp??) to my health!!!

5:02 PM  

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