Friday, November 11, 2005

Supposed to get the Rebif today....we shall see........

Called Curascript today to see where in the hell it was because as of last Thursday they called telling me it was time for a refill. Oh yeah I am that stupid to not know that I NEED a refill!!!I guess that is one of the benefits of Curascript as annoying as it can get sometimes. Plus the added benefit of it being delivered to my door it is only an extra $3 copay well worth it with gas prices these days. My hungry bitch of a Durango would eat up like 5-7 just to go to the Pharmacy. Anyway back to the point of this semi-bitch session. I called Curascript this morning because last Thursday they said it would be delivered on Wednesday this week. They said it is on it's way via Fed -Ex and I WILL have it today. We shall see if I don't there will be hell to pay someone is gonna either lose an eye, maybe an ear after I chew it off and let me tell you I pray it is not a gentleman I have to rip a new one because he might lose a much needed accessory to produce offspring who knows?? Remember that I got steroids yesterday so I am super strong..LOL!!!

I got rid of that nasty after taste of Steroids with my coffee I was drinking before, during, and after. I did notice that a good Quesadilla dinner that I make and made last night did not taste anything close to what it typically does. Everyone said I was crazy so must have been the 'roids. I of course got the nice no sleep till Brooklyn I mean no sleep till like 4am and my daughter came in my room at around 5:30 . Mommy I peed. So I had to get her new pajamas and a new pull up. She was doing so good at night until just this week. She has peed every night, where last week made it her 5 week running with no peeing at night. Oh well she is Potty trained at least. So guess I can not complain too much right??

Was supposed to go shopping at Big Lots and BJ's and maybe Wal mart with my MIL today. Was so looking forward to it nice to get out of the house especially when it has been confirmed that I am definitely depressed. But she called me this morning saying she had to cancel on me. It wasn't too heartbreaking as everyone always makes plans with me when I can actually participate and they ALWAYS cancel on me. Then when I can not do things like shopping they will be like well why don't we do that thing that we were supposed to do last week but I canceled on you. That is frustrating but oh well what are you gonna do?? So I just give up on making any plans with anyone.


Blogger personallog! said...

It seems like mentally we are at the same point! I am so glad I dont have to change kids at 4 in the morning tho! I am sending good vibes to ya chicken! It gets better on the up side! You know it does! Smile...grit you teeth and get on with it! You can do it! You have people around you who love you! You have people over the sea who do too! Now where is that smile?


8:51 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Awwww. DAve u r such a sweetie!!!

Thanx for sending the good vibes. I think I might take your road to recovery for the rest of the weekend...My Gin is calling my name....

9:58 AM  

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