Tuesday, November 08, 2005

turkey or Rebif.....hmm..Thanksgiving has so many more meanings to me this year.....

Last night my husband and I were watching the local news and I heard the reporter say up next after the break ...Turkey and Tryptophan..not just for making you sleepy... So I was like ok cool I'm gonna still finish watching the news who gives a crap about the other stuff turkey can do? It's not gonna help me feel any better. Well what an ass I felt like when they came back on air. They said the same thing not just for making you sleepy..researchers thin it maight help people with MS!!! I was like honey am I hearing shit??He said no..now don't you feel like an ass..and of course I did but was not gonna confirm that to him I am not stupid!!! So Turkey here I come..I love it anyway and I always make the Thanksgiving dinner for my family. So I guess they tried the amino acids in the turkey on mice models and it has some maybe benefits to US!!!

Last night Kaylee was being such a brat she was so extremely tired so that did not help matters at all. I was attempting to read the story of the First Thanksgiving to Bradley and all she would do was kick him and hit him. So I interrupted our story to punish her by making her sit on the florr right next to me so I could control her and continue to read to him. Well she was crabby like I said and she got up and ran around the other side of the couch towards the rocking chair and foot stool. Well like I said she was running and very tired and very pissed off..well all of the sudden she tripped over nothing because there was nothing for her to trip on....anyway she went forehead first into the foot stool and BAM!! I freaked out she hit really hard had a HUGE gooseegg on her forehead with the pattern of the fabric that covers the footstool. Oh I felt soooo bad for her and was so afraid to let her go to sleep. I called her doctor and he said it she was tired before she hit her head it was ok to let her go to sleep. He said to just keep an eye on her. So after I got off the phone with the doctor I put her in her bed and she was out after watching an episode of Dora in her room. I was up all night checking in on her and everytime I did the goose egg was much smaller. This morning the only reminants of the said goose egg bump is the pattern of the fabric on the foot stool. It just looks like some broken blood vessels. There is no doubt in my mind that there is gonna be one heck of a bruise. Poor lil girl. I have a perfect picture of her as an advocate for Copaxone....I loved the Copaxone but since I developed a hypersensitivity to it after 3 years had to stop it. I went to a seminar sponsored by Copaxone and they were passing out sun visors and water bottles and Kaylee wears that damn visor all the time and that is the pic I got of her with the visor on!! Definitely not her best hair day..now remember she just got out of bed and had a very very rough night!!!


Blogger personallog! said...

Ahh bless her little cotton socks! I hope both of you are better soon!


11:11 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

I'm wondering if the whole turkey thing might be a side-effect of being with a caring family for the holidays ... hmmm.

11:23 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Oh, btw, Jacob has got no less than 2 goose-eggs this year but his stainless-steel skull seems to be intact still. Kids, if they dont bang themselves up they would remain frail as a glass figurine.

11:25 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Thanx Dave she is fine now and being her normal moody 2 year old self. Me I am doing as best as i can!!

1:55 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

yeah the turkey thing could definitely be a mind over matter type deal.

As far as the goose egg thing you would think a mother of 4 with 3 of them being boys would have experienced a goose egg before but nope the girl ahd to be the first. Freaked me out too btw. Isn't it always the parents are more freaked out than the kids???

1:58 PM  

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