Monday, November 28, 2005

What is a girl to do........

Well called my neuro's office first thing this morning just as I said I was gonna do. Well my neuro. is out of town at some neuroloy convention or something like that. So I am going to see one of the nurse practioners. Actually my favorite N.P. that works that. I am just going to tell her what my neuro and I had discussed (which I'm sure is written in my "file"). So we shall see what happens. I mentioned today when I talked to the N.P. that the headaches didn't start until I was on the full dose. Last I saw my neuro. she told me some people need a lot longer on the titration schedule than others. She told me that if I find that I can't handle the full dosage I would be lowered back down to the half dose. To why not Avonex? That is my medicine of choce for sure. Painless and less of a reminder of this MonSter. The depression from the MS or the Rebif which ever the culprit is reminder enough.

Our puppy is so good. He listens so well too. The only problem is the lady that we got him from told us he was paper trained. Well maybe he was there but darn it if he pretty much goes everywhere but the paper. I am fresh out of potty-training school so this should be a breeze. Kaylee said I know how to go pee now mommy remember? I can teach the puppy like you taught me. Sometimes some of the things she says and does just astounds me. pictures to come soon I promise.


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Ahhhh, potty training a kid is soooo much easier than a dog. really.

9:13 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Oh Great!! I will tell you that so far he has been a real pain in the ass on the training category!!!

He absolutely hates the outdoors too..yeah fun Lucky me!!! I said I was done after the 4th kid now I have 5 and didn't even get the joy of the pregnancy!!!

3:26 PM  

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