Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blah blah blah......

That just about describes my last few days. I have just been so run down and so damn tired. The weather here today is just awful but has been pretty okay for the last week so can't complain too much now can I?? Afterall I do live in Western New York. At least the temps. are supposed to be up for the holidays and the weather is supposed to be great on x-mas eve which is the only day we go anywhere. My first set of in laws come here for x-mas on x-mas day which is nice considering we have 4 kids to drag out. My other set of in-laws we try to get there the day after x-mas so for now that is the plan and the weather is still supposed to be okay and we have 4 wheel drive for a reason!!!!!

I have been feeling pretty good as of late. Maybe the holiday cheer who knows?? I am a little apprehensive about going back onto the Rebif (No damn it I haven't started back up). I guess because this summer I was on NO medicine at all for the MS other than symptom management meds. I felt better then I did before the MS as I am slowly starting to feel now. On the other hand I'm terrified to not take any MS meds. So what do I do??? I hate being the one to have to make life changing decisions like this. The thing is this decision influences everyone in my life lives. That makes it all the more difficult. I was thinking maybe I will start back on the Rebif tomorrow night. I only have to make till January 13th which is when I go back to my Neuro's office and can go back on to Avonex. Avonex is my favorite of the CRABS. Who knows I will let ya'll know tomorrow what I have decided...........


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Amanda ... Western NY is so much nicer than North-North-East ... trust me. Nothing like getting 3 feet of snow just for the heck of it! Of course, at least you can count on a white Christmas. We get a lot of Mud-Brown here in Philly. But I digress ... Happy Holidays, New year and Merry Christmas!

10:26 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Yeah I've heard about the N-NE part of NY. So not gonna complaing too much about Western. We did though get over 3 feet just for the hell of it a few weekends ago. LOL

Merry x-mas, Happy Holidays to you and yours also!!!

1:26 PM  

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