Friday, December 09, 2005

it has got to get better...doesn't it????

Please tell me that it has to get better. The pain is so unreal. Mostly my fault as somehow someway I "forget" and bend down,bend over, pick up something, pick up someone and then shit I definitely remember. For example I was just giving Kaylee a bath and she was being a lil brat about the whole ordeal and stupid me bent down to wash her hair and bent down the wrong way and way too far and <<>> I was in tears it hurt sooooo freakin bad. Everyone keeps telling me that I should call my surgeon because it should not hurt this bad still. People on my MS Facts message board who have had the same operation. I did by the way call my surgeon on Wednesday to tell him that the pain pills weren't doing shit for me so he told me to take 2...well taking 2 put me in even more pain because of the puking it caused. I see him on Tuesday anyway and he can look at it and hopefully everything is the way it is supposed to be.

Have to go soon really soon and finish up my x-mas shopping. Normally I would be looking forward to that except for the fatigue and the pain in my chest and legs is unreal and I don't even wanna get dressed. Oh wait I only really get dressed when I am gonna go somewhere. Normally I am in "lounge mode". I did get in the shower yesterday got over my fear of the pain from it. I was in for so long used all the hot water. Let me tell you a shower has never been more appreciated. I feel like a real human again. I am now a lil doped on 800mg of "magic pill" and 2 of Darvocet (which I hope don't make me puke and help take away the pain) so I am gonna retire for the night.

Dave if you read this before the jump best of luck to you. Have a great time and remember all the good you are doing for all of us!!!


Blogger personallog! said...

Sorry to read about all your pain and I wish I could take it from you! The jump has been posponed till Jan 14th due to clouds!!!! I think the british upper lip is still stiff! I will do it for you babe! Keep smiling and take it easy!
Love ya

1:11 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Hope to get your mind off your woes:

12:24 PM  

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