Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I've been Tagged.......

Okay I've been tagged by mdmhvonpa
I need to Name 5 Weird Habits, and then tag 5 people after I'm done. So here goes.....

1) I don't brush my hair for any reason wash, blow dry then go au naturale
2) I scrub my toilet up to 10 times a day sometimes
3) I avoid going outside to the best of my ability as the nature crap drives me nuts!!!
4) I shower only at night unless I leave that day which per #3 I try not to do
5) I do laundry even if it means I have to search high and low for dirty clothes (Ithink I'm obsessed with wash)

Ok I guess my weird habits aren't all coming to me right now...but I'm sure as soon as I post this they will all coming rushing my mind with full force. Now I'm to tag 5 people..I will try my best...as I don't think I know 5 other bloggers that aren't already tagged but I will try...ok just realized that I only know 2 others that aren't tagged already :( (Sorry mdmhvonpa)

Tag you're it..... Jade Brandi


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