Friday, December 16, 2005

Just wanted to update a lil......

I am feeling a lil less pain now thank god. Thought that I NEVER would have relief, but alas have minor relief. I found out yesterday when I got my 'roids that the only way my medi-port can be used is if I take my shirt off. What the fuck?? Or I can wear a button up shirt and pretty much not button it. Hello I'm far from the type of person to wear button up shirts. I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. So I'm pretty pissed at the surgeon for making it this way. I was awake for most of the surgery I heard them discussing the complications and the fact that they would have to move it from the original planned site. I did not know that they were gonna put it in betwen my frekin tits!!! The original placement was supposed to be on my left side right under my collar bone. So tell me how it is not placed about 10 inches further down on me and not on the left either migh I add. But rather right damn in the freaking middle of my freakin chest!!! Oh ok think I'm done bitching..well nope forgot a few important things about the placement of this damn thing. I am a sleep on my right side kinda girl but can't do that comfortably..wait a minute can only comfortably sleep on my back which by the way to me is far from comfy!!! I'm afraid of how it is gonna be to be intimate with my husband. That sucks as it feels like forever since we have made love and I'm afraid to even try afraid of the pain!!!! Oh this sucks so bad!!! K done bitching for today anyways...

Tonight we are having deep-fryed-mania-gain-20lbs night. We meaning of course my family that lives here, my mom and dad, my brother, and my father-in-law. I'm making restaurant style chicken fingers, battered mushrooms, battered mozerella sticks, onion rings and french fries. I'm sure some of us will gain weight what do you think?? Then after we eat we are going to play Texas Hold 'Em again. We have been having "tournaments" for the last 2 weekends. Fun to say the least. I think the earlest we have gotten done is 2 saturdays ago and that was at like 11 p.m. Only reason it ended so early is because my mom had to work at like 8 in the morning. Every other time the earliest was I think 2a.m. It is an addicting game let me tell ya. So I can't wait. I can tell you though that tonight will be a very early night for me I might have to purposely go out at some point. I had my 'roid yesterday and was cursed with the insomnia part of it big time got maybe an hour of sleep?? The good thing about the blessed 'roids is I finally had no problem eating and that was nice!!!! I should probably lay down and take a nap as Kaylee is sleeping.............


Blogger personallog! said...

I love the fact that you can be so intimate on your blog! If you sleep on your right or left or on your back it wont matter to me!just getting to the uk will do me!lol Glad to know you getting some pain relief I was worried for a sec! You take care now yeah!

6:25 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... gain 20 lb ... my kind of meal!

10:36 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Can I have some of that fried food? It sounds like what I call therapy #2 when I am having a bad day. therapy #1 of course is shopping.

Trying to feel sexy and want to be intimate when you feel like crap from MS sucks! Practically impossible with all these drugs.

I suggest Lunesta for sleep. Then you will be so sleepy you will forget about the thing between the sisters.

3:35 PM  

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