Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yesterday was my follow-up appointment with the surgeon that did my surgery. Okay I guess what they (dr's office) called it was a post-op. appt.. What a freaking joke it was there yet again just like my first appointment there. Had to sit in the waiting room again for like 3 hours and then another hour in the examining room. To piss me off to no end I had a lot of questions and concerns about my chest and after waiting all of that time I didn't even get to ask the questions that I wanted. He came in the room tore off the bandages and I asked him one question he says well that's normal and rushed out the door. Let me rephrase the he tore my bandages off to he ripped them and most of my skin off with least that is what it felt like. I was laying on the table crying..well more like bawling because it hurt so bad I felt it tear the stitches along with the adhesive. It hurt horribly!!! So glad that I am done with this so called doctor. It is nice to have the bandages that I am allergic to off of my skin that is for sure..but the itchiness is far from gone because now I have the itchiness of healing (nasty,gross,stomach turning) scars. It still hurts and I was actually starting to either get used to the pain or the pain truly became less not sure which but didn't care because the pain everyday had subsided a lil more than the day before. then he rips the bandages off and let his intern and the nurse poke at my medi-port site so that they knew what it felt like. SCREW them!!! Why in the hell do they need to know not like they will ever be seeing it on me again or will have the need to use it. So if you can not tell I'm a little pissed off at him and so extremely happy that I do not have to go there ever again.

Today I'm getting my monthly iv infusion of my steroids. Which I usually look foward to but not today. I have noticed that they don't do anything for me aside from leaving the horrnedous mtal taste in my mouth for a few days. I just don't feel like they are working for me the way they used to. I have pretty much for a solid year or better been getting the 'roids every 4 weeks. Before that I would get them every time I relapsed and I miss that "goodness" I felt afterwards. So Happy freaking Birthday to me eh?? WHo the hell wants to get poked and prodded with a needle praying and hoping that they can find a vein for a medicine that you feel doesn't make you feel any better??? I certainly don't. They can't use my medi-port until next week and I am a lil afraid of letting them as it is still sore to the touch of even my shirt on it now that the bandages are off.

On a more positive note I am 99.98% done with Christmas shopping. I have to get stocking stuffers and wrapping paper (Dave you are not the only one slacking on the wrapping part). Then I will be done with my kids. Leaves me only to my Dad and my Brother. Then I am officially DONE!!! Feels nice too!!!!


Blogger personallog! said...

Hi babe, Its good to see that you have nearly done the Christmas shopping bit! It feels worth it when you see thier face in the morning! On the doctor frount....I thought your girls had sorted that know...grabbing a hand full and if he hurts you PULL!Lol

Hope you are still smiling!

8:11 AM  
Blogger personallog! said...

Oh damb...many happy returns by the way!

Birthday kisses!

8:13 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Good thing your are done with this quack. What is it with some doctors these days! A pox on him and hopes that he should need a port someday himself!

Happy BD btw ... you look great for being 22! ;)

9:00 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

DAve~~~ thanks for the b-day kisses that was sweet!!!

Hmm...maybe I will go see that dr. again just so I can use your advice!!!

9:26 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

I thought that maybe someday he would have to get surgery and have the joy of having a surgeon such as himself. That is just mean ain't it?? Oh well I am in a mean kinda mode these days.

Yeah I think I look good for 22 thanx for that compliment and for the happy b-day wishes!!!

9:27 AM  

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