Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Do you ever want company and when you get it you regret it??? I did this weekend.......

Quorry's brother Josha nd his girlfriend Erin came to spend the weekend with us. It is a normal thing. Problem being is #1 I was only aware of them being here for Friday night and departing later Saturday like before dinner. Well needless to say they once again were inconsiderate and without asking or notifying Quorry or I spent the night Saturday too. On a normal basis I would not mind but I was just crabby and not feeling the gretest. I guess I always feel used when they come here. I really think that they believe that everything in my refrigerator and/or cupboards is for their dining pleasure. I had bought 3 big things of juice for my kids and my self and Erin drink almost a whole gallon of orange juice and all of my strawberry,orange, banana blended juice. I'm sorry forgive me if I am wrong but that is fucking RUDE!!!! It is a good thing that I had just went shopping for groceries so I did have enough to feed them, but even still why is my responsibility to feed them every other weekend???? Not only did that piss me off but it is very hard for me to clean my house as you know the MS shit and all, but they destroy it. My kids are pretty good at picking up after themselves (better then josh or Erin). My house is 90% of the time almost spotless. I am just one of those people that can not stand a messy house. The reason I had 4 kids is so I have free maids!!!! he he Honestly my kids all have their chores even my 3 year old and usually there are no problems getting them to do them. Come on now why can't Erin age 19, or Josh age 21 fucking clean up after themselves?? As far as I'm concerned they are not technically guests anymore considering they have spent the night here at least 20 times and they know where all the bedding and everything else goes!!! So come on why in the hell can't they take care of it????

*** Time to move on before I flip out as I'm sure you can tell I'm super PISSED off!!!!***

Well good thing....Quorry is picking my AVonex up on his way home from work. I really need to look at their website to remind me of how to mix it. I prefer the powder form over the pre-filled syringes. From what I am told the pre-filled give more of the flu yucky side effects. Which to dat in the almost 5 years that I have had MS I only once got the flu yuck side effects. That was from my 2nd shot of Rebif. I honestly think it is because I did it and instead of going directly to bed I stayed up and played poker. Oh my gosh I was up puking all night and sweating to death. I'm very excited to get back onto the Avonex. I think maybe I will attempt to give myself the shots again. I am still terrified. What if though something god forbid happens to Quorry?? Then I'm screwed..who would do my shots??I know I'm reading this as I'm writing thinking damn am I selfish or what. The only thing I'm concerned about if something happens to my hubby is who will give me my shots??? What a selfish self centered bitch I sound like don't I?? Actually the point I was trying to get across was I need to get past this fear and just do it!!! It makes no sense to me?? I did my own injections every day for 3 years..then did them once a week for almost a year and then BAM FEAR hit me badly too I might add!!!

I'm so bummed that I have to start PT again. I mean I know that I don't have to but I know that is what is best for me. I am praying that doing the Physical Therapy again will help me accomplish my yearly goal. I don't do resolutions..I don't want to set my self up to fail. So in like August after I walked all around Niagara Falls ( which oh my gosh was hard , painful, and I was very excited that I could do it) I said if I can do this I am come hell or high water going to walk on the MS walk this year. You see the first 2 well that didn't happen. First year I walked about a mile give or take a couple hundred yards. Last year which was my second MS walk well let's just say that was one of my wheel chair bound times. I couldn't even walk if I wanted to believe me I tried. My feet did not move!!! My Dad did say that if I wanted to walk he would still push my chair just incase I needed it. That makes me feel a lil more comfy with the whole I'm gonna walk. My family really supports me on this. They know how much it means to me. My Dad has pushed me 5 miles both years (1st year about 4).


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Sometimes guests can be a burden. Just leave that tunafish out for a day or two before making the sandwiches you send them home with. (insert evil laugh here)

9:04 AM  
Blogger personallog! said...

Amanda! Stand up for yourself here dude! It one thing that ms cant take from you! Your respected voice of oppion! Tell them to respect the home like they should respect you! You have enough stuff to go through without the hassel of clearing up after them! Its your house get it back! I am noty sure about the food element as advised by the major there....but its an idea!
Take care and stand up for yourself!

11:42 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Thankx guys I suppose the main reason that I have YET to stand up and say anything is because of my husband.

No offense guys..but he is a man too and doesn't even realize the mess that is always left. I did say something to him about it alst night though so we shall see how all goes on that aspect

It may just have to come down to I won't let them visit if this is how it is gonna be everytime. First before I go that drastic I will say something to them the next time they are here.

11:52 AM  

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