Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I don't like waking like this at all.........

Horrible start to my day to say the least. Andrew on a normal basis gets himself up for school he is almost 12 years old after all. Well this morning that didn't happen. I don't know the reason for this mishap as I made sure last night that his alarm was set. His bus gets here anywhere from 20 to 30 after 6. When I awoke this morning at like 25 after I thought to myself damn Andrew was unusually quiet this morning. I then got up to make sure he was up, I see that the front door wasn't unlocked, but I did see the back porch light was on (which that is where we let the dog out from)and thought well maybe he let the dog out and then went out the back door. Problem with that was the back door was also locked. I then preceded into Andrews bedroom to see him passed out cold and visiting dream land. I then screamed his name to get up get dressed with lightning speed and get his ass outside before he misses the bus. He said that he thinks he has already missed it. The only good thing about the schools transportation service is that I can call whenever and pretty much get answers to my question questions like did he miss the bus already. While I was on the phone with the bus garage asking if he had missed it ...Guess what the bus went right past my house!!!! I asked the lady on the phone it the driver could stop and my son would come out and she didn't even radio the driver. BITCH!!! She told me that I needed my son to meet the driver at the Town Hall. I said that would be wonderful if I had a way to get him there, I told her I thought that was to long a walk for him. I would have drove him down there it is only at the end of my street after all I can handle that much driving. Problem with that is all of a sudden Quorry decides he wants to park the truck in the garage. What the fuck?? At any rate I was getting weather appropriately dressed to drive him down there when Quorry says make sure you don't hit anything backing out of the garage...SCREW YOU..What does he think I forgot how to drive??? So I was like Andrew you have 10 minutes to get to the end of the street do you think that you can handle it?? He said yes and off he went. I wouldn't have been so concerned except for the fact all this week are the NY State ELA (English Language Arts) Exams..They are the utmost important tests and are sooooo hard for him to make them up. Anyway all is well now with the exception that I'm dead tired and not to pleasant to boot.


Blogger personallog! said...

I know I told you to stand your ground on yesterdays post but now I am thinking.......stay calm girly!lol! See you can get the energy from somewhere on the right occasion! Just checked your pic and you are looking fine fine fine! Hello good looking! Sorry had to say it!hehe!

Hope your ok now!

3:50 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

LOL LOL Dave..I do know how to be THE bitch when need be for most instances...I just don't wanna piss Quorry off it is his brother afterall.

Oh thanks for that pic comment. Makes me feel good. that pic was taken in August at a wedding. That is my natural hair color, JET black I hate it too!!!! But makes me look like a wanna be goth girl :)

4:08 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Nothing like an unplanned activity like that to set you off, eh? Oh, and I second Dave's comment ... Rwwwwarw! ;)

8:37 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Well thanx mdmhvonpa!! If u guys think I honestly look good in that pic. well then i ahve to look better now as I have lost at least 20lbs. since that pic was taken and my face looks soooo much better!!!

10:57 AM  

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