Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It finally worked.....4 PAINFUL pokes later.......

Friday after I got back from the dentist (and shopping, and picking my son from school) I called Sheila like was planned to get another stab at this efing meddiport. Well she stabbed me the first time with a needle the length of an Avonex needle which I'll admit had me a little scared. Well again it didn't work....Well it sorta did...what happened is at least this time there was some blood return ( I was soooo relieved!!!) but she was trying so hard to get the heparin to go into it, to no avail. She said that she did get a hold of the surgeon (asshole) again and he told her she was doing correctly but that she needed to use a bigger needle. Same gauge (22) only longer and if need be to force the needle all the way in until she gets the right results. Well his brilliant idea did nothing!!! He said if she could not get it that I needed to come back and see him. I told her she must be crazy if she or he thinks I am going back there and waiting 4 hours to get none o my questions answered!!! Anyway...I told Sheila to stab and stab until we got the right results. So she stabbed me again...and .....it worked..FINALLY!!!! Let me tell you the pain of the last 2 stabs was horrible pretty much worse than child birth and/or a broken bone..Believe me have had 4 childbirths and 2 broken bones. She said that the first time accessing a mediport is always the hardest and that from now on should be a piece of cake!!! Thank God!!!!! So now my mind is rested on this mediport issue.

Friday is my MS specialist appointment. It shall be interesting. I'm going to tell them that I want my Avonex back now!!!!! Not that I really want to be on a shot at all but if I have to be (which I know that I don't) I want Avonex!!!! Quorry has Friday off which is great I won't have to take Kaylee with me this time. She gets soooo bored there but is still so patient and good. She has to get that from her Daddy because I'm far from patient.

My fatigue has been so awful lately. I was in bed pretty much all day Saturday sleeping off and on all day. Same thing for Sunday and Monday. Just no energy no desire to get up and go. Hopefully my fatigue will be nice to me on Friday. The halls that have to be walked to get to my dr's office our unreal. At least we get valet parking which is nice.........


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Uff-dah. The more you tell me about this mediport the more I think it is a really cruel joke. I certainly hope you get your Avonex wish ... it's all about the quality of life and so, the perception of misery plays an important role here.

1:06 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Yes I agree it sounds like a really cruel joke!! Dang it all too for me it isn't. I'm gonna see how goes next month with the flush/steroid that is supposed to happen. If all goes well I will think about keeping it if not the darn thing is coming out!!!

I agree also with the quality of life issue.....Contrary to what I used to believe (that MS doesn't kill) I do want what I want that will make my life as enjoyable as possible!!!!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Just started reading this, and I love the idea of all of us eating off different plates - what a great attitude! Thanks!

6:10 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Thanks!!! Please come back and comment when ever you would like. The eating off different plates was a psychological mode day for me!!! ha ha

8:07 PM  

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