Monday, January 23, 2006

So so tired....Like normal.....

I hate this not sleeping crap. It just plain sucks. I really for the most part lately have not been too hard a time falling asleep and staying asleep. Last night just really kicked my ass for today's agenda. The worst of today is that my kids don't have school due to some stupid staff development day. What the staff has to develop and idea on how to teach my kids??? They are just being horrible little boys. They are fighting something fierce, Bradley is just being a rotten little 5 year old brat!!!! He has these tremendous temper tantrums that make me want to beat the living shit outta him!!! It is too bad that I don't..LOL

I got my flu shot today. Finally it's about time don't ya think. I feel it was probably pointless considering the flu has already been passed around here. But I read in the influenza paper that is required to be given to you before the shot that the peak of flu season is February. So maybe I did the right thing...

This weekend was definitely long. Friday night we played Poker with my parents and one of Quorry's brothers and his girlfriend. Drew and Jen were the first 2 out..Man do they need to learn the art of playing poker and real soon too as I believe they (Drew and Jen , Quorry's brother and his girlfriend) are coming back to play poker next Friday night. Saturday night we played poker with Quorry's Dad, his uncle Chris, his aunt Stacy, his piece of shit cousin Reon, and again his brother Drew (who by the way played a way better game then he did the night before). Let me tell you a little about his dad's side of the family..They are pretty much all idiotic drunken buffoons!!! His Dad is an exception to that as are his brothers. His Uncle Chris, and cousin Reon were both soooo drunk Saturday night I told them that if they did not calm their shit down they would no longer be welcome in my home. Well as the night progressed Reon got way out of line, he knocked pictures off my wall, would not keep his hands to himself, dumped his tobacco all over my floor (he smokes those cheaper roll your own kinda cigarettes), got my puppy all riled up. He was really pissing me off to day the least it got to the point that I kicked him out of my house at around midnight. I told him he was no longer welcome at my home. The funny thing about me kicking him out at midnight is Quorry's dad who drove everyone here did not leave my house until almost 2. So that fucking inconsiderate asshole had to stay outside in the cold and little bit of snow for 2 hours!!! Ha ha...10 points for the good guys which would be everyone but Reon!!!!

On a more sad, depressing note...Today is probably Quorry's last day of work for awhile as there is not a lot of work to be done at the garage. That saddens and scares the living shit out of me. I have no idea what the hell we are gonna do on the money front. Yeah we do have money saved in the bank but how long will that last us?? Quorry said he is gonna just find another job, a job that is "legal" (on the "books"), a job that will earn him some income tax money back next year, a job that when he gets laid off he will get un-employment. You know that kind of job. Don't get me wrong my Dad definitely has done right by Quorry, as Quorry has done right by my Dad. It all just plainly sucks. There is a garage that is in our town right up the street that he could get hired at at the drop of a dime. So I'm pretty sure that is one of the places he is gonna go and put in his resume. I mean he went to school for this kind of work. He should not have a problem getting a job as a mechanic anywhere. He is actually going to go take the test to get his New York State Inspection license. Once that is all said and done that will raise his chances at getting a mechanics job by like on million percent. I just wish him good luck in his search for a job that he is interested in.......


Blogger personallog! said...

Ahhh babe, it sounds like your going through the wars at the moment but in a different way to the usuall! I wish your bloke good luck to find a job I know how hard that is for an office job never mind a mechanic.Crossing my fingers from across the sea's! Dont punish the kids too much eh!
Smile god dam it!hehe

7:32 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Thanks Dave you somehow always manage to make me smile.

I think though that he already forund a new job I'm not exactly sure what the criteria is though..will update on that as soon as I know anywhing.

The kids made it through the day safe and now are back in school YEAH!!!

10:47 AM  
Blogger ckays1967 said...

I keep trying to decide if I should get a flu shot or not...I just don't know. I feel like I get enough shots. LOL

1:28 PM  

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