Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tell me why I got this efin medi port.....Please tell me WHY........

Well I'm pretty sure the title says all..all without any details might I add!!! So today was the first day of access to my mediport #1 it needed to be flushed regardless and #2 it was time for more 'roids, any way guess where I got my steroids today??? In my vein in my arm!!! My mediport apparently does not fucking work!!! After all this damn misery and agonizing pain I have been in because of this stupid thing!!!! I was in tears #1 because it just would not work #2 it hurt pretty bad the FIRST time she "stabbed" me to access it (which I think was almost completly the fault of my anxiety and nervousness) and #3 because I was stabbed 3 times today before I got my 'roids, and #4 my mediport could not be flushed!!! That there alone is like an open invitation for an infection. That is terrifying!!!! So Sheila my home healthcare nurse said she was going to call the surgeon who did my medi port to make sure that she was doing in the right spot. Which she was 100% positive she was because like she told me is she was not tin the right place there would be no way that I would not have felt it the 2nd time (which btw I didn't feel it at all) and she has over 20 other mediport patients and she has been a nurse for 20+ years. She definitely knows what the hell she is doing. She even showed me what mediport looked like I can't imagine that I would have taken the "stabbings" as easily as I did is she didn't "hit" me in the right place. So anyway she called the surgeon and he told her almost exactly where the "middle" of it was (which I'm under the understanding that is where it it accessed from) and she argued with him telling him that is where she "stabbed" twice with the funky needle to no avail. At any rate the surgeon is and was a complete asshole to her and absolutely no fucking help to me at all. So she is going to come back tomorrow when I call her to tell her I'm home from the dentist to try try again because like I said previously it HAS to be flushed with heparin to prevent infection. So my confusion has now shifted from the confusion of yesterday about medicines to do I keep this good for nothing mediport in my chest??? Do I make sure that this so called surgeon never operates on another patient???? Well I'm thinking YES to both previous questions. The one about the mediport is yes because hmm let's see do I keep this thing in to make sure that I get a horrible infection? No freaking thank you. The one on making sure that he does not operate on another patient that could be challenging but you know what if this mediport truly doesn't work I will fight until my dying day (which if it doesn't work could be sooner than it would have been without this surgery) to see that he does not work on another patient. So hopefully tomorrow it can at least be flushed. Now on a positive note my veins were very very nice to me today only took one try in the vein department!!!!

You know yesterday I think I cursed myself by saying how well I was walking. Oh my gosh my legs hurt really really bad today from the nerve pain. Last night I had muscle spasms horribly for the first time in a long time. Let me tell ya though since I haven't taken my Zanaflex in a bit it really kicked and helped me sleep sooooo good. I so did not wanna get up to get Bradley up for school today because I was so comfortable cuddled next to my warm honey in out new soft and comfy bedding set that we got for x-mas (we actually got $50 for x-mas from his Dad and bought a nice bed-in-a-bag set) this makes like set #7 or 8 that we have which I love cause I just get in these moods and change whenever I want to whatever I want!!!


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

ARGH ... just argh. You need to move to Minnesota ... Rochester area. They have this really good clinic there with top-notch surgeons, doctors and nurses. It's called Mayo.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Em's end said...

ARGH sums it up pretty well. They are wanting to give me one of them, and all I've heard about them from the patient's perspective tells me to JUST SAY NO. I am sorry to hear you are having such trouble.

5:09 PM  

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