Wednesday, February 15, 2006

At least something went the right way.....

My day started out pretty good yesterday for the most part. I knew that my new table that we just got was coming , so no surprise when it showed up. It came in the house with no problems (thank freaking God). Also knew that the cable guy was coming to fix my DVR so no surprise when he showed up either. Now here's the thing...My old DVR was sitting on the table in the living room because well it was the old one (only from November) and well it didn't work, the cable guy who was chatty ( seriously the only man I know that could out talk my never ending mouth) failed to pay a damn bit of attention to what he was doing so guess what?? He hooked the old one back up. Well to my surprise it worked no problem and went on with my day. Well after dinner I was in the living room watching Cops with my kids as it is their favorite show (I know I know bad mom..Oh well screw you if you don't like what my kids watch)(my kids were playing BTW!!! Not watching TV) and the DVR did the same shit I called a tech. here to fix...It just decided to shut off and not want to do anything else. This was like 3 hours after the cable guy leaves. So I called the cable company and told them that this was shit and they agreed and said that someone would call me back last night and if not to call first thing this morning. Well of course no one called me back last night so I called first thing this morning,where they tell me that someone would be here next Wednesday to fix it. Ok whatever a freaking week. Seriously though a week with out something I use once in awhile wasn't a big deal aside from he fact that I would still be charged for it. So shortly after I get off the phone with the cable company they call back saying that someone would be here today. Cool I said and thought and was glad that I would not be paying for nothing. Well shortly after that they called AGAIN and told me that someone would be out first thing Monday morning. So I told the lady that I was told Wed., today, and Mon, and she said oh no it will definitely be on Monday. I said ok so will they know not to come on Wednesday?? She said that there was never an order placed for Wed. I said ok whatever have a nice day and continued with my day. Well at like 3:30 the cable company calls again and says that the cable guy was on his way did I still want him to come? Well yeah I still want him to come she says ok as do I and we hang up. Now let me tell you about this cable guy..He was the finest looking cable guy I have EVER seen and he was sweet and gave me a brand new DVR and everything worked out fine.

I have been in Neuralgia hell this week and man is it killing me!!! My legs feel like they are on fire. Been taking my Neurontin faithfully like every 2 hours LOL. I think I took about 2400mg today. Which that is my limit and it helps to take half of the edge off at least. I am 98% sure that my MS wanted me to make sure that I knew it was here thanks a lot thanks to this damn Vertigo. Then I get like almost all the symptoms of a cold except for I am almost sure it is not a cold. So with the 2 combined I'm almost positive that is why my MS gives me a painful reminder call. Like how in the hell was I supposed to freakin forget that I have MS?? I called Avonex to set up for a training nurse to come so I can start taking MS med again. My thing is why should I take a med that will not help me?? Now that is what 6 specialists at my MS clinic say. But since I LOVE to be a pain in the ass I figure why not take it what if they are wrong?? But then I get those days where screw they are right so why put my self through this needle fear phobia hell?? So I decided to let my hubby make the choice as it is too emotionally hard for me to do so. He decided that I will be doing the Avonex shots. Ok fine by me since it is Avonex, not painful AT ALL to me, and added bonus of once a week!!!


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Hmmm, fine looking cable guy .... I've seen ...'movies'... like that. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know what I mean! ;)

9:35 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

oh you are too funny yeah I'm pretty sure that I DO know what ya mean..LOL LOL

6:59 PM  

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