Friday, February 17, 2006

Fridays are now Weird to me.....enjoyable but weird.....

I am definitely not used to Quorry's new work schedule but I think that in a weird messed up way that I sort of am. Fridays it is sooo weird that he is home all night. I definitely don't mind at all but it is just totally strange. Today was weird too as 2 of the kids and Quorry had a dentist appointment and it was weird that we did not have to rush to get home. Well we sort of did but not due to him having to be to work but because of the fact that the weather was unreal horrible. The snow wasn't really to bad during daylight hours (it really isn't too bad now either a lot worse than daylight) but the winds were unreal. They said that some of them gusted over 60 mph today and that was horrible you could just feel it getting to your bones and further. They cancelled school today because of that fact. The kids got their teeth cleaned which they definitely needed in my eyes. I am a freak about teeth. It was Kaylee's first dentist appointment and she did superb. Quorry has to go get major oral surgery at the hospital where my MS clinic is. We shall see how that goes eh?

Tomorrow we are going to the "city" not Buffalo but one a little closer and a lil smaller. We are going to this new store called "Mr. Seconds". We are going to see if they carry some of the things that we want and need for the house. We are also going to Ace Hardware as there are a few things there that we know we can get. Tomorrow at Ace they are having this 25% Bag sale where everything you can fit in a nice size paper bag is 25% off. Good deal in my eyes I guess I am no man so could give a shit less.

Finally got in touch with an Avonex training nurse FINALLY I stress. The idiot when she called said " It is nice to talk to you after playing phone tag all week". ???What the hell was that bitch talking about?? That was the first phone call I received all week believe me as today was the only day that I have even left my house, not to mention I have caller id and an answering machine. Anyway she is coming next Friday at 2pm. I hate getting my shot that damn early freaks me out to thing that I AM gonna get side effects..but such is life I guess.........


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

"Tomorrow we are going to the "city" not Buffalo but one a little closer and a lil smaller."

Rochester? ;)

11:31 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

oh no Rochester is even further than Buffalo. I was talking about Olean which most would not even consider to be a city as to most it is too small to be a city.

10:23 PM  

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