Monday, February 13, 2006

What the fu*k?????

What the fu*k is going on in this body of mine?? Still feelin dizzy not as bad mind you but still feeling it!!!! I really HATE it!!! I can only sleep on my right side now or else I will have to get out of bed and be sick. Thank god my mediport lets me sleep on my right side now without all of the horrible pain I was feeling.

Thursday night I took a Zanaflex because my legs were having muscle spasms so bad it was unreal. I love that I have not taken a Zanaflex in awhile because it helped me go to sleep even faster than normal. Then at around midnight my son Bradley came into my room asking if I would give him some Tylenol as his ear has been hurting and that is all I am to do for him. So I told him to hang on a sec so I could wake up (let me tell ya them Zanaflex pills really had me OUT!!!) and that I would see him in the kitchen in a minute. So I woke myself up more and walked out to the kitchen and grabbed him the medicine and the measuring cup, poured it, gave it to him. I was feeling a little more dizzy by this time only a different kind of dizzy. I told him that I HAD to go to bed and when he was done in the kitchen to turn out the light. Well that was the last part of that I do remember as the next thing I do remember is feeling like the room was spinning and feeling like I was going to black out or something, and then BOOM I did black out and passed out and hit the floor hard. Oh I was soooo scared. Remember I was home along with 3 kids and had no idea what was going on at that point. The next thing I remember is still sitting on the kitchen floor looking at the clock and seeing that it said 12:21. I was relieved as Quorry gets home usually around 12:30. Well usually being the key word here. I thought that I would never be able to get off of the floor by myself as it is slippery when you are trying to get off the the floor in bare feet a t-shirt and shorts, and not to mention the fact that you are not really all there. Some how I got up enough to get to my wheelchair and get myself to my bedroom and right back to sleep I was. It really is a great thing that I was a little lazy this week and left the wheelchair in the kitchen now isn't it?? I am not sure if I was able to go directly to sleep as soon as I hit the pillow because of the Zanaflex or because I hit my head sooo hard?? I don't know. I should have called the doctor on Friday to tell her of this and to see if that was normal due to the condition I am going through right now, but I did not.

What a pain in the ass I have had today. Saturday we went and got a new entertainment center and Friday we set up a new desk for Andrews computer which is in the living room. So I had 2 new pieces of furniture in my living room. Yesterday I cleaned my house really really good and was happy at how it turned out in the end. So today I knew that our brand new side-by-side refrigerator was to be delivered. So My kitchen was clean like normal. My husband & the delivery guy got the old fridge out with pretty much no problems at all. Then bringing in the new one what a fucking joke!!! First of all I was under the impression that Quorry measured everything that needed to be measured wrong.

#1 safety rails on the side on the back porch had to be taken off (Quorry didn't do it the proper way mind you he completely destroyed the railings)to get the fridge up the back porch

#2 Then Andrews desk had to be moved(dealt w/that ok it didn't ruin anything and didn't leave a mess)

#3 They get into my kitchen and GUESS WHAT?? The damn thing did not fit where the hell it is supposed to.

It did fit height wise but not width wise. What a pain in the ass!!! All of my fridge and freezer stuff was sitting on my table and counters needing to be put away. Quorry could not stay and help as he had to leave for work. Again What a pain in the ass. SO he told the delivery guy (who by the way was going to go get one that would fit without a problem) that he would just do some cutting tomorrow after work and it will fit perfect. Again What a pain in the ass!!!!!!!!!


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