Thursday, February 02, 2006


Well that is pretty much all that I can really say. Let's see...Last Wednesday (Jan. 25th) I started feeling dizzy as that is the only way I can describe the feeling that I had. I had no appetite but ate 3 pieces of toast just because all of my docs are worried about how fast I am losing weight. Well about 3 or 4 hours later I made a visit to my local toilet to make a puke deposit. I then was up pretty much all night puking. Finally went to sleep to only wake Thursday morning feeling not the same but WORSE. I then made myself eat a piece of toast just for the main part so I would have something in my stomach to throw up. I was drinking water like it was going outta style, which was not hard as water is my favorite drink. Thursday afternoon I called my PCP to tell her of my problems and that I don't wanna live like this not for one more second!!! She tells me to come in Friday at 2:45(2:45??What the hell is she deaf I am now at the point of wanting to kill myself as it seems as though it would be better then how I was doing). Well Thursday night I got no sleep that I can remember at all as I was up all night just puking out the water that I was force drinking as nothing in the world wanted to go down my throat. Friday when I got to my doctor's office after a very long horrible ride (my husband was driving fine but riding was HORRIBLE!!!) I walked in and puked all over the waiting room floor. Thank God again it was just the water. I was then called back to the doctor's office where I puked again. They weighed me and were very concerned, as since the last time I saw them in November I have lost 15lbs. My doctor then comes into the room examines me from head to toe and says that I do have some fluid build up in my ears and that from what I am telling her and from she sees I have Vertigo. Now I know about Vertigo as this I have had several times but never this bad before. The doctor says it can be caused by many things for me. It can be because of the inner fluid in my ears, the fact that I have MS and it could be caused by a lesion, or could be caused by a virus. Well thanks bitch that is NO freaking help for me now is it??She did prescibe me Meclizine which as of yet has not helped me what so ever..come on now this is for motion sickness!!! I was supposed to call my doc on Tuesday if I was not doing any better so I did. Yes I was doing a lil better still felt like shit though but you know what the dr told me?? She told me it was all in my head!! Yeah you dumb bitch it is all in my head that is where I feel the dizziness!!! It really pissed me off. I am in the process right now of getting switched to the dr. That everyone else sees so maybe he can help me. Maybe I have an ear infection?? Did she ever think of that?? I have and I have been telling everyone..My PCP, my Neurology pple that I see and my visiting nurse. I am just sick of not being heard!!!!


Blogger Kim said...

Ugh - Vertigo sucks big time. I was given the meds the first time and they worked pretty fast. The second time they didn't work at all. Hang in there!! Sleep was friend thoughtout those days.

12:56 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Kim thanks so much. I am trying my best with kids to do my best. I did sleep as much as the one that is home with let me last week.

So far the meds well they aren't helping but I keep on taking them hoping that they will.

This "sickness" is really kicking my ass when it comes to my MS thank god I'm getting some IV help tomorrow!!!

1:54 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Ok, this woman ... WTF!? I think she is severly lacking in both humanitarian and maternalistic areas. If I was told something like that I would camp out in their lobby and start eating kraut and stew ... and continue to ralph till they did something real about the issue. Nothing hurts business more than having a patient look like they are dying in the waiting room.

2:21 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

hmmmm..that sounds like quite a great idea actually!!! Me I would probably do so if the dr's office wasn't 45 minutes away.

My visiting nurse that is coming today had a few nice long talks with everyone for me yesterday as I was sick of talking and doing what I felt was pretty much pointless!!

BTW Hope that you and the kids are feeling well very soon.

8:36 AM  
Blogger personallog! said...

ahh babe I feel for you in this! I wish I had the magic touch to help you! It sounds like hell and I wish you well as allways!
Love from a far!

7:00 PM  
Blogger camille said...

i hope you feel better soon. unfortunatly its times like this is when you find out what kind of doc that you have. do you have anyone helping you at home? i changed neurologists in december because my neuro was not listening i am glad i did. my new doc is a human being. get as much rest as you can and get better

9:55 PM  

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