Wednesday, March 15, 2006

k maybe I was I was wrong that the bitching about the mediport was over.....

Well my day (again) started out well shitty!!! The home healthcare nurse that said yesterday that she would be here at 10ish did not show until noon. Ok didn't bother me too much as I had a chance to take my sweet disabled time to finish getting the house cleaned. That honestly wasn't even what started my day out on a sour sour note..let me explain... This morning I didn't hear Andrew get up and was freaking out as he has NY state Math tests. So I got up to make sure that he was up went into kitchen and saw that his bathroom light was on along with his bedroom and hallway lights all on. So I'm thinking good he is up. Well a few more steps into the kitchen and then right on the (brand new mind you) living room carpet I see vomit like 3 little "piles". GREAT. Now I could tell that this was from the puppy. Continued along my way to Andrew's room and saw about 5 or 6 shit "piles" again from the dog. WTF!!! Anywho made my way to Andrew's room to make sure that he was ready to go and continued through the rest of the house to make sure that Buddy didn't make any messes anywhere else. So my day started so grand by cleaning up after the puppy. Just talked to my vet and she told me what to do and to bring him in if he didn't seem any better by tomorrow.

On to the mediport bullshit. So she pokes me which btw doesn't hurt as much anymore like it did the first few times that she poked me. Well no blood return great. She apologizes and "manipulates" it to see if maybe it will have a flow of blood which is needed before it can have anything be pushed into it. Well to no avail. Poked me again and we did get some blood return and she did get some heparin to let her (with resistance) go in. She hooked me up to the 'roids and as we were watching the bag well no drips. It was not going in. So she said ultimately what we do from here is up to you, you have 2 choices A) I can go back to the office and get another Huber needle or B) just start an IV in your arm. Well I would not have minded being poked a 3rd time it was the fact that this thing was going to stay in my chest until Friday that made me a little skeptical about the whole thing to begin with. So I chose to get a regular IV. Damn did it remind me of why I got that painful surgery to begin with because let me tell you my veins were being just as much of a pain in the ass as the mediport. More painful even then previous pokes already today. So tomorrow we are gonna hope for the best and pray that it will work in the mediport.

I was so freaking grateful that last night I got some good sleep finally. I fell asleep a little before 10. Woke up around 2:30 cause man did I have to piss. Of course Quorry didn't get done working till late last night so he came in the door while I was pissing. We said hello kissed and I went right back to sleep. when I got up sooo early this morning and had to deal with cleaning up that mess I was exhausted for the day already at 6 am. So I went back to bed until 7:30 got Brad up and since we didn't wake Kaylee today I went back to bed and set my alarm for 10 so I could get up for the nurse. So how is it possible that I got a good nights sleep and got to go back to bed?? Who cares Karma is on my side today (shhhh so what I had worse mishaps then I had good occurrences, Let me believe what I want damn it!!!)

On a positive health note I have an appointment with a Neuro Opthomologist. GREAT now I can get these eye problems that I have been experiencing taken care of. Yeah for the last year the problems have always been different yet still the same root of evil causing them and now I can maybe get some answers.

I'm excited for this years MS Walk as my good friend Shannon who also has MS is going to be on my team and walking (hopefully I am walking) with me. So as of right now I have 5 people on my team myself included. I know that there are at least 2 more joining. I don't think we will have the 12 like we did last year but even still I'm far from complaining. Shannon has a good start at $50. Maybe $65 not sure so far my team has acquired $65 but since I am not the team captain I can't see who has the money and from who. I will find out from my Mom who is the team Captain. Honestly all I really have to have is 80 same with everyone else that is how you get your shirt. Sounds stupid huh? Of course I want to earn way more than $80 measly bucks but I would like to get at least that much on my own. Seeing how I NEVER hardly leave my house that is hard I can only rely on the people that I sent "sponsor me" emails too. Last year I think myself I earned like 300 so that is what I set my goal for this year. Our team on the other hand more like almost 4 grand. We shall see. I will definitely post pictures here from the walk afterwards. It is so invigorating. I feel for one day a year not so alone as most of the people there are the same as I am. Last year the weather was better than the year before so I'm praying that it will be even better this year. At least I have a different better wheelchair this year. I will feel a lot safer too this one has a seat belt My Dad goes crazy and have you ever been down Buffalo,NY sidewalk? Regardless of how good I am doing I will still need to take it maybe only sit in a lil but 5 miles is a long trek.


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Dog decorations ... they always seem to manage to hit the carpet instead of the tile or linoleum, eh?

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