Thursday, March 23, 2006

Relapse, flu,puky kids, sick dog and tired cranky BITCH......

Nice title eh?? Well that describes what I have been doing since my last post. Where in the hell do I freakin start?? Ok I will start with last Friday night...

Friday--> Took Buddy to the vet because I knew that there was definetly something seriously wrong with him. First because Wed. he puked all over. Then you could tell just by looking at him that he was losing weight. He hadn't eaten since Tuesday either and believe me he is a growing pig of a puppy. Worm swas his problem which is pretty much what we thought.
He was well enought to get his Rabies shot and the other shot that puppies need (have no freakin idea what in the heck that is ).
Finished my steroids with no problem.

Saturday--> Brad woke up with one hell of a fever. Were supposed to go clothes shopping for him as he is a growing boy and needs some new pants as the school ones are already getting too short on him. We also had plans to get his mop cut as he was starting to look like a little girl. He decided that he felt well enough to get his hair cut. We did that and then took Andrew to his father's house.
Got a call from Karla (made me soooo happy) and she and her sister came over. That was nice as I haven't seen either of them in what feels like forever. It felt like back in the day too. Like the 3 of us had never been separated a day in our lives.
Brad came to my room at around 3 a.m. and tells me that he was just puking. Took his temp again and it was only 99. Worries there gone.

Sunday--> Brad's fever is back and with a vengeance. Called the doctor, he says alternate between tylenol and Motrin every 2 hours. After 2 doses of each if fever hadn't calmed down to bring him to the Urgent Care Department. Thank God fever calmed down after doing so and a million luke warm baths.
Quorry kept me up another night when I thought finally I will be able to take my pills and feel safe. He was now inflicted with fever and the pukiness that Brad had just had the night before. Joyous!!!!So of course when I thought I might have a day to try to start down maybe a recovery road from this damned relapse...didn't happen. So this is now like the 5th night of little to none on the sleep department. I bet that was really helping my relpase ya think??

Monday--> Kept Bradley home from school just to be on the safe side. Quorry still sick and needing me more than the kids ever do when they are sick. He stayed home from work and was in and out of the bathroom all day. Brad started feeling crappy again and fever comes back AGAIN!! Called DR. he gave me a few suggestions and then said to bring him to hospital if they didn't work. I wasn't super worried as his fever was only 100.9.

Tuesday--> kept Brad home again. His fever came again. By now I was freaking because I have been a mother for almost 12 years and NEVER once have any of my children kept a fever for more than a day. I have always been able to break it one way or another. So here is my dillema...Andrew has an orthodontist appt. at 9 a.m. to get the start of his braces, Quorry is hardly able to take care of himself, Brad is laying half dead on the couch and I have no idea what in the hell to do???? So I stressed out (just what the Fuck I need during a bad relapse huh??)called Dr. got the info on what to do for and with Brad, got some medicine down Quorry's throat, got Andrew ready for orthodontist, managed to get Kaylee and myself dressed. How you ask..Fuck if I know!!! Andrew got his braces, Quorry went to work (miserable might I add) and I somehow from somewhere got this 5th wind and had the energy to somewhow clean my house. Thank god for my new wheels they are so much easier than the old ones let me tell ya. Quorry shows back up like an hour after he left for work they sent him home.

Wednesday--> Everyone left for school. Thank God Brad's done being sick. So far so good for Kaylee no sign of sickness!!! Quorry still best friends with the bathroom. Me?? You ask? I have no idea how in the hell I am still going. By now I haven't slept in forever and am so tired I am not even tired. Quorry goes to work to only be sent home again. Andrew's poor mouth is all tore up even after putting the wax on the areas that are irritating his lips. He had a hard time even eating dinner. Next week will be worse as it will be the finalization of the braces.

Thursday-->Went shopping as Andrew just informs me yesterday that he doesn't fit into his dress shirt. He only wears this specific one for his chorus concerts. His concert is tonight at 7. So shopping I must go. Hell I needed to go for many other things anyhow. I used almost all my laundry soap washing puky blankets and clothe.,needed more disinfectant spray as I used all of that too. Needed to get soft unchewable foods for Andrew for next week. He will be happy as he would eat chicken noodle soup for dinner every night if I would let him. Also stocked up on more yogurt as he loves it along with all the other kids. Brad informs me that all the kids in his class agree that I am THE coolest mom because his birthday party is booked at McDonald's with Rondald McDonald. Quorry started to feel much better and it looks as though he might work a full shift tonight.

Friday--> Hopefully maybe just maybe I will be able to take care of myself tomorrow cause god know I need it. I need sleep BIG TIME!!! I am the crankiest bitch ever!!!EVen for me I am super cranky.....


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Hey, it sounds like an average week at the Haupertonain Manor!

8:29 AM  
Blogger personallog! said...

Ahhh bless babe! You are the hardest woman I have seen in ages! Hope the whole family is feeling better now! You need a break just so YOU can keep well! Smiles from afar!
Love and hugs

11:38 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

How in the heck do you deal with it all the time??? You are obviously a VERY strong man!!! Kudos to you

12:33 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

i am feeling everything but strong and hard at the moment. But thanks for the boost of confidence!!!!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

Oh my gosh! You sound like you are having the type of week, I have had lately. I hope things get better for you. When it rains it pours it seems. Why is that? Maybe it is so that we can keep going. For me it seems that if things actually slowed down and I had to think about it, then I just might fall over, this is probably the reason. You are such an amazing person. Keep your chin up. I hope that you have gotten some good sleep and are feeling better. I hope the family is feeling better, and that you have not gotten sick again because of their illnesses. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Remember, there is a reason women are the mothers and caregivers in this world. :) It seems we have strength even when we don't feel we can go on anymore. You are an inspiration. Take care of yourself. When they get to feeling better, you should go do something for YOU!

6:39 PM  
Blogger personallog! said...

Happy mothersday!

6:11 AM  

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