Thursday, March 16, 2006

Success again (thank god) from this damned mediport.....

K well Sheila came today poked the needle in and of course no success at first. She then "manipulated" it a little bit and asked if it would bother me too much if she pushed the needle in a little deeper. Reason being is last Monday on my normal monthly steroid dosage we got success right away no problems. Difference between that needle and the 2 that were used yesterday and the one used today was the length of the needle. Remember that I have more tissue at my site than the norm as it is in breast tissue. So once she explained that I said no if it means that I won't have to be poked and prodded again tomorrow. So she pushed the needle in a little deeper (holy shit so much pressure and sooo much pain) but Guess What?? It worked and after the initial pushing in all the way no more pain. Well I was thankful for that but now as my skin is so incredibly sensitive I itch like a mutha. So she called to make sure that I was coping okay before she was leavin for the night so I explained the massive itch effect. She came back and adjusted it the best she could without taking it out. I still itch like a son-of -a- bitch but it will (hopefully) beat being repoked.

I'm of course worn out for probably 1 million reasons. Let's see where in the hell do I start with my bitch session?? I have not gotten much for sleep in the past 3-4 weeks (joyous), I'm in one hell of a killer relapse (shocked?? hell no used to these damn things ....Damn Progressive MS anyway), Of course NO sleep last night (thanks to the steroids), Had nothing to eat (again thanks to the damn steroids and the nasty they leave in my mouth), OH yeah and probably the fact that I have 4 kids and a sick puppy who is no different than a sick kid, the fact that I feel like a single Mother again so all responsibilities of the kids lie souly on me as Quorry really only sees the youngest and the oldest before work. Thank God Tomorrow is Friday and he is off work till Monday. Hmmm..think that is most of my bitch session for today at least.

My sister is coming to steal my daughter for the weekend which will be good for my daughter as she truly is the only one who gets out of the house only when I do and we all know that is close to NEVER!!! She came back from being there last weekend such a happy joyous little girl. I have the opportunity to get rid of all the boys for the weekend at my FIL's but am not going to take him up on that offer. I don't like some of the things he has said to me this week nor do I like the fact the things he has told my children. Things like question your mother's authority..WTF??? They are 11,7,and 5 what in the hell is he thinking?? I think I will be getting rid of Andrew at least as this is the last weekend he has the chance to see his (biological piece of shit) father before I put him jail for not paying child support. So I will probably let Andrew go there. He has not seen him since before X-mas. So I guess that will leave me with only Bradley for the majority of the weekend. That could be relaxing or complete opposite as he could be bored outta his mind being here as the only child. Who know my sister is funny about things she might steal him too.

Well tomorrow is my last day of the 3 day round of 'roids. Maybe by Monday I will be able to enjoy the taste of food???


Blogger Jaime said...

I am sorry to hear things are not much better. About the nasty taste. I just went through that. Try Ice Breakers Peppermint Ice Cubes gum. I don't typically chew gum, but the home health nurse suggested it, so I figured what the hell and it saved me the week I was on steriods. I think I went through like 3 packs of that gum. It was so much better than the nasty taste the meds left in my mouth. I hope this helps. :) I pray you get to feeling better really soon. Jaime

11:28 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Make sure you get some rest while you have some of your horde out of the house.

Say, Jamie ... your site seems inaccessible ... blogger goofing with you?

8:48 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Thanks for the advice on the gum chewing issue. That used to wrok when I first started taking the 'roids almost 5 yrs. ago. I do ahve to say though for some strange reason the nasty taste doesn't seem as bad since gettin my mediport.

could be a made up thing I use to justify this thing between my breasts who knows.

This shall hopefully be the last of 'roids to come for awhile!!!

9:45 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Yeah I'm gonna. I definitely need some damn sleep!!!

One thing for sure though is that Kaylee isn't going because attack of pink eye is back for her. I pretty much knew that it would be as she was a fighter to let me do the eye drops properly last time. She didn't fight with me today so hopefully after a week on the drops all will be gone for a long time.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Jaime said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

It seems that when it rains it poors. I hope that both of you get to feeling better real soon. Pink eye is no fun either. My son had that when he was real young. I think it is almost more of a pain for the parent than the child. Trying to get them to take the drops, stay away from others, etc. Keep your chin up. You are in my prayers.

My site is okay now. Blogger was doing some maintenance on the sites from the pacific time zone since last night. It is up now.

Take care.


3:07 PM  

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