Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well I am referring to yesterday's appointment of course. Ok to start my day off I was terrified, in more pain than ever and wondering how in the hell I was gonna get to this important emergency appt. That I HAD to make. My mom was not home to take me I'm assuming that she was at work. Quorry could not take me as he had to work (he would have taken me if that is what it would have came down to) so I called my mother- in- law and asked her. She said yeah but tomorrow would be better for me. I said well I have an appointment for 2 today, so she said yes and that my father in law would watch Kaylee and in case we weren't gonna be back for the boys he would come here and watch them till we got back. I already knew that we were not gonna be back for the boys as Andrew gets home at like 10 to 3. That is a whole different issue with Andrew and my FIL. I will explain in a bit. Anyway Quorry's Aunt Kelly was gonna go with us to the doctor which that's cool someone else to chat with on the way. Anyway we get there and I'm called back. The usual blood pressure, weight(which I got bitched at again because I lost 7 lbs again it has been 2 months since I was last weighed), questions like why was I there and the timed walk they make me do. Then the doctor came and pretty much asked the same questions. She spent a lot of time examining my eyes which definitely scared the living piss out of me!! She then did the normal Neurological Examine that I could probably be hired to do as I'm so familiar with it. She said it was way bad compared to the last one from January. In January I had 95%strength in both sides of my body of a normal 26 year old. Yesteday my right side was 98%weaker than my left side and my left side wasn't too much different than before. She wanted me to get an MRI yesterday which would have been great I could have gotten some uninterrupted sleep. She also wanted me to get an EEG and a visual response test. Great I can now get the correct treatment right?? WRONG!!DEAD WRONG!!!

Before I was called back to the examining room my MIL's "friend" called her and said that once again h


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