Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well I am referring to yesterday's appointment of course. Ok to start my day off I was terrified, in more pain than ever and wondering how in the hell I was gonna get to this important emergency appt. That I HAD to make. My mom was not home to take me I'm assuming that she was at work. Quorry could not take me as he had to work (he would have taken me if that is what it would have came down to) so I called my mother- in- law and asked her. She said yeah but tomorrow would be better for me. I said well I have an appointment for 2 today, so she said yes and that my father in law would watch Kaylee and in case we weren't gonna be back for the boys he would come here and watch them till we got back. I already knew that we were not gonna be back for the boys as Andrew gets home at like 10 to 3. That is a whole different issue with Andrew and my FIL. I will explain in a bit. Anyway Quorry's Aunt Kelly was gonna go with us to the doctor which that's cool someone else to chat with on the way. Anyway we get there and I'm called back. The usual blood pressure, weight(which I got bitched at again because I lost 7 lbs again it has been 2 months since I was last weighed), questions like why was I there and the timed walk they make me do. Then the doctor came and pretty much asked the same questions. She spent a lot of time examining my eyes which definitely scared the living piss out of me!! She then did the normal Neurological Examine that I could probably be hired to do as I'm so familiar with it. She said it was way bad compared to the last one from January. In January I had 95%strength in both sides of my body of a normal 26 year old. Yesteday my right side was 98%weaker than my left side and my left side wasn't too much different than before. She wanted me to get an MRI yesterday which would have been great I could have gotten some uninterrupted sleep. She also wanted me to get an EEG and a visual response test. Great I can now get the correct treatment right?? WRONG!!DEAD WRONG!!!

Before I was called back to the examining room my MIL's "friend" called her and said that once again her husband had beat her. So of course her fucking friends are more important thatn family. Ask her and she claims different. She is always blah blah blah which to her translates to " I am there for my family no if ands or buts" BULLSHIT!!! Selfish? Maybe. She should have just told me that she was too busy with her friends to take me rather than wasting my time and the doctor's time. I know that the dr. wanted to do soooo much more but I had to make bullshit excuses because my MIL just HAD to go rescue her "frind" which by the way has had the most horrible things to say about my MIL. whatever to each their own user I guess. Quorry told me just to not talk to her anymore because it hurt him that I had to have all that stress yesterday on top of what I am already going through.

Anyway they (being dr's office) called today and said IF (being the key word in my eyes) things don't start to slow down in the progression department that maybe chem would be a good idea. HOORAY!! I LOVE chem it makes me feel almost normal again. Let me tell ya though I will not ask for the help of ANYONE since I am such a burden.

By the way don't forget that today is MS Day of Hope....

(btw I typed out a whole shit load more but it got lost somewhere which pisses me off beause I need that release hopefully I can find it!!!)


Blogger Jaime said...

I am sorry you are not doing well. I got your info from Dave. I also have a blog now. I hope you get better really soon. You will be in my thoughts. There must be something going around cause I just am coming off a really bad relapse that lasted a good 3+ weeks. I pray you get better much quicker than I did. I'm around if you ever want to talk. Take care.

7:31 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Welcome Jaime too bad that we had to "meet" under circumstances such as these. I saw that Dave praises you he is a good man so I will visit your apge when I have the time as treatment city for the next 3 days and possibly (HOPEFULLY) Novantrone is part of that treatment!!!

You know my MS Specialist said that she has really noticed that this spring season albeit not here yet is really screwing with people she said they have been swarmed at the clinic so it must be spring that's getting us all.

11:00 AM  
Blogger personallog! said...

Hiya babe! A 'good man' eh, some beg to differ!lol! Hope the treatment goes well and you come back here refreshed!
Always in my thoughts and for ever yours!

1:52 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Stinky Blogspot would not let me comment this morning. Sorry bout the family issues. Hard to pick 'em, you know. Nothing like having your support team cut-n-run in your hour of need. I could give you moral support from down here if you need any. Go Team Amanda!!!

1:52 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Well Dave don't tell me anything to the fact that I would not think you are agod man and we will be good!!! No you are a GREAT friend in one's time of need no doubt about that at all.

Hopefully I will be able to be refreshed as quick as I would like.

Good luck to you on your move

3:34 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Thanks for the support as it seems to be apparant I'm not gonna find any at home (perse)

Yeah well I guess I need to find a different support system(aka no more MIL)my mom and hubby are great just weren't available at the time.

I was sooooo mad last night when posting this because honestly there was so much more that I wrote but blogspot just would not let it publish which made my frustrations run much much deeper.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

I am sorry to hear that things have not gotten any better for you. You are in my prayers. You have my support! I just got over a really bad relapse of my MS that lasted over 3 weeks. It lingered around even after going through the 3-day steriods and because I have other medical problems I was tossed around like a beach ball for a while. None of the doctors wanted to make a real determination on what was going on. It turned out to be just a BAD relapse and now that I am finally coming out of it, they have decided that is what it was. I feel for you girl. I hope you get better real soon. Take care.

11:22 PM  

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