Monday, March 06, 2006

Wow feels like it has been forever since posting here...

Wow!!! I have been so busy in a lot of different ways but looking back at the past week or so it doesn't seem like it but let me tell ya my body sure as hell feels it BIG time!!!! I got Gerrott on Thursday had to take Kaylee to dr. on thursday also. Went for family pictures on Friday, had b-day party on Saturday, drove to Pennsyltucky ad mdmhvonpa would call it..(LOL). What a ridiculous trip that was. Have done it a million zillion gazillion times but this time we were excited because we found a shortcut which if the truck we were driving wasn't bein an asshole we would have made our normal 6 hour trip in like 3.5 hours. I mean we still made it under 6 hours but still my legs they were not liking being cramped and not able to stretch at all!!! Oh yeah and mdmhvonpa I got off the exit on 15 right before the Turnpike. So I sorta feel your pain man was there a lot of traffic. I'm sure it probably was a different area maybe from where you normally speak of. My son lives in Elizabethtown which is maybe (the roads and the way we took) 15-20 min outside of the capital. I like PA roads better than NY's though they are sooo much more of a smooth ride.

DAmn it we are definitely plagued by Congunctivits in this quatantined house. Now Kaylee has it and that scares me I do not need more health crap nor more freakin meds now do I???? Speaking of meds I got my steroids today and told the nurse that I am done with them they don't do anything for me anymore but keep me awake for days which I've already been up for days and days with 2 hours sleep here and there.

I am gonna put the picture up on here of all 4 of my kids together. It is not the greatest as it is on disk, but when I get the actual pictures I will post more..but sorry there will be none on here that contain me as I looked like shit(doesn't everyone think that about themselves in a pic??)

Sorry that I'm not posting too much I'm tired and wired all at the same time and wanna get up and do my normal scrub everything ins ight taht I do on steroid day. Will get back into my normal bitch modes oopps I mean normal posting more often. I hope everyone is doing well and wish ya luck!!!


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Hey there ... Hope your visit to my neck of the back-woods was fun. Outside of the truck thing. We seem to have a lot of those around here ... just driving around looking to make a pain of themselves. And the centeral area of PA ... Harrisburg ... seems to be their breeding ground. Go figure.

Oh, and it would be GREAT to see your whole 'brood' in one shot.

8:47 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

really I didn't enjoy my self too much too long in one position kicked my ass big time the next day. Plus NY is sooo much prettier thatn PA as far as the areas I was because the grass was ugly!!! (but here it was white with snow!!)

Yeah I am gonna post the kids pic on here!!!

8:59 PM  

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