Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good news?? Not sure but now know that I'm not crazy I have these headaches for a reason.....

So yesterday was my appointment with the Neuro-opthamologist. She did a million eye tests too. Some of which hurt my eyes because of the bright lights. The eye drops that she used I sware were either bleach or alcohol. Anyway the conclusion and answer to my blurred double vision is none other than the wonderful Optic Neuritis. Joy. I have had Optic Neuritis before but it was very painful behind my eyes, where as this time I only have pain if you will in my eyes with brighter lights such as the sun or sometimes the television. She told me that was probably and most likely the cause of my headaches. So I guess I'm glad that I'm not crazy that these headaches are for real. I was really beginning to believe that I was imagining them.

Tomorrow is my appt. with my MS Specialist. I'm a little nervous but don't even have the time to stress about it as I have had a VERY busy last couple of days. Saturday was Bradley's birthday party at McDonald's and all 4 of Quorry's brothers came here afterwards. Sunday had to clean up a HUGE mess that 4 boys made mind u all of this brothers with the exception of 1 are over the age of 18. Also went Easter shopping for my kids. Yesterday had my appt. with eye dr. Today took Kaylee to get her hair cut then to dr's as she still seemed to me to have pink eye that would come and go. Found out that it is allergies not sure if that is good or not. Pink eye would have probably been a better diagnoses don't ya think..3 years old with allergies makes me sad. Then had the MS Family Fun night Fundraiser at Friendly's. We made 87 bucks. 87 more dollars then we had yesterday. Next week we are doing it at McDonald's where all proceeds made during the designated time 25% of which go to us. Then doing Pizza Hut the following week. bradley's pre-school teacher came there tonight and did face painting. She is known as Razzle the clown on occasion. She is a wonderful person and she painted Kaylee's face as a lil puppy, Bradley was the /Easter Bunny and Andrew had red MS's all over his face with a tiny lil dog.

I will update more tomorrow after dr's appt. Thanks everyone for bring there for me!!!


Blogger Jaime said...

It is always nice when the doctors can tell you what is going on! I hope you are starting to feel better and that things will slow down so you can get some rest. By the way, $87 that is great!! If you need anything, you know where I am. Please take care of yourself. Jaime

2:27 AM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Oh no ... I had ON a while back. I woke up BLIND and when I confronted the nurses at the vision clinic, they did not believe me because I was not panicked enough. When they read my chart and learned that I did indeed have MS, they got reallllly quiet and summoned the Dr ... front of the queue. Now, most of my vision recoved but it get's goofy when I have a migraine or get tired. In the end, I was told to stop looking at the computer and tv for a while. Uhhh, I'm a computer programmer!

10:07 AM  

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