Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I think that I have found the "cure" for my headache.....sleep..sleep..and yep u got it more SLEEP!!!!

Today after getting up with Bradley at 7:30 and getting him ready for school (ok well he is almost 6 tomorrow as a matter of fact he did dress himself) Kaylee informs me that she wants a drink and is going back to bed. Terrific!!! I can crawl back into my nice reserved spot in my bed that may still be warm next to my husband who I feel as though with this new job I NEVER see. So that is exactly what I did until around noon when Kaylee came to my room and announced "Mommy I'm all done sleeping". Can't complain about that now can I?? I'm not going to say that the extra sleep(bliss) got completely rid of my headache but it sure seemed to make it less noticeable if you will. Then Kaylee and I proceeded with making Ice Cream Cone cupcakes for Bradley's snack for school tomorrow. I used to make these damned things every year for Andrew's birthday at school and am soooo glad that he is happy with me just buying something. Not that I mind baking things for my kids or anything but these damn ice cream cone cupcakes can be a real pain in the ass let me tell you. I bought some Spiderman Cupcake Rings decorations and put them on the cupcakes so I'm sure Brad will be the cool kid tomorrow.

I just bought my washer a lil more than a year ago and today it seems as though it just wants to quit on me. It won't spin at all as it seizes up on the spin cycle. Note to self from now on buy the extended warranty!!! Thank God my Dad is a jack of all trades. He is coming tomorrow to check it out and god willing fixing it for me. I would die without my washer. You gotta figure 5 people living in a house with an OCD mother of laundry that just doesn't go hand and hand. Let me tell ya!!!

I'm so disappointed in myself for this year's MS Walk. So far my grand total that I have collected is a whopping $15 measly bucks!!! I'm soooo disappointed to say the least. I thought for sure that the man who helped make me would donate..but nope of course not even a dollar. I am kind of limited I guess on my options as I guess everyone considers me homebound. It is not like I go out everyday nor do I have the opportunity of having a job to try to collect pledges. I guess I am just feeling a little inadequate today about this whole ordeal. I had asked the NMSS for fundraising ideas and tools and received a paper in the mail with all sorts of great ideas for people who have a freaking workplace. A lot of good that did ME!!!!My MIL and FIL always say that they are gonna sponsor me but never do. My mom and dad obviously won't as they do enough by getting their own sponsors and walking with me. My friend Shannon is walking with me this year (She has MS)and approx. $200. Go Shannon!!!


Blogger Jaime said...

Hey! Don't beat yourself up for $15, that is more than a lot of people donate who do work and don't have MS. Every dollar helps! Never feel bad for what you can do. At least YOU do something. That is something to be very proud of. :) I am proud of you. Keep your chin up.

I am glad that your headaches are getting better. I agree that when I am not feeling better sometimes, going to bed and just sleeping through it all seems to really help. My neurologist recently started me on Topamax too. That seems to be helping with my headaches. I started with 100mg twice a day and now am up to 200mg twice a day. I hope that info can help you out. Get to feeling better soon. Take care. Jaime

5:02 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

I guess you are right I shouldn't beat myself up over $15 bucks.

I do ahve a script for Topamax and would love to take it but can't because makes my birth control ineffective. As soon as my MS is stable enuff gonna get "fixed" LOL

Thanks for commenting!!!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

Oh, I guess I did not think about that. I had a hysterectomy a while back, so I don't have to think about that part anymore. It is always so funny to me when the pharmacy warns me of those things even though they have on my record that I have had a hysterectomy. LOL Eat dark chocolate! My neurologist in Salt Lake always claimed dark chocolate helped with headaches and it is not the cure, but supposedly if you eat one a day it will eventually start to help. It takes time though. It is supposed to be more of a natural thing. I have also heard that drinking caffinated drinks can help, I don't drink caffine though, because of other health problems I have, so it would problably do a number on me. LOL He told me about it because I am not supposed to use over the counter meds. Good luck, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Jaime

8:37 PM  

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