Monday, May 08, 2006

MS walk is over.......

Yesterday was the MS walk. I'm soooo glad that I didn't have high expectations that is for sure. First off my day was crap from the second I awoke because I got little to no sleep Saturday night. Yuck!! Then my parents and my mom's friend arrived at my house and the first thing my dad does was start yelling at my husband. What a dick!! He said why weren't you at work the last 3 Fridays? He meant at his shop. Hello Dad Quorry doesn't work for you anymore. Quorry was nice enough to volunteer to help my Dad out on Fridays if he needed it under the understanding that he makes Quorry aware of the fact that he is needed. Well my Dad has not made him aware of this. My Dad can really be an asshole let me tell ya. So I know that when my Dad is in a bad mood it doesn't just ~~poof~~ magically go away. Believe me he has been in my life for 20 years I know him pretty good. So that didn't help the blah from being sleep deprived I was feeling. I knew there wasn't going to be much conversation including me for the day either. You see my Dad has always pushed me in my wheelchair and he doesn't walk he almost runs. So my mom, Kathy(her friend), and Shannon, were all left in the dust if you will. Pretty much the only conversation that I had yesterday during the walk was when my Dad realized he was 10 feet in front of the rest of our team and would stop to let them catch up and then one of them would talk me and I would respond and then off again to be another 10 feet ahead of them. I feel like a selfish little bitch for being a little upset about this I mean afterall he was so nice to push me and all but it just felt crappy I guess. I mean my best friend was walking and I couldn't even talk to her. Maybe if she didn't have MS and could run we could have talked but C'mon. So anyway I want to get off this negativity issue and get to the positive things of yesterday. Our team raised approx. $1,700. Not bad for 5 people now is it? I got 3 t-shirts yesterday the MS Walk t-shirt itself, a Copaxone one, and a Betaseron one. The crappy thin about the "prizes" is the way they keep changing stuff to be worse every year. I'm not in this for the prizes but even still maybe some people are ya know?? The prize sheet they we received in the mail said for how much I raised (which BTW I raised $505) would earn me a shirt and a $50 gift certificate. Well when we went to the "prize" table they only count the cash that you have right there. Well $370 of my pledges were online. I know there were many upset people that is for sure. I guess pretty much the best part of my day was the ride there and the ride back. I rode with Shannon and the walk site is approx. an hour and a half away.

Got more MS news on myself to post but am way to tired to be typing way tonight that sun that we had yesterday didn't help my eyes and of course I didn't have any damn sunglasses...Stupid MS and the damn Optic Neuritis is has bothered me with any way......


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Sorry about the ON ... is there a chance that you could hobble your dad when he pushes? Like, 25 lb ankle weights? :)

8:39 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

Well thanks for the sorry....soon going back to eye doc to get glasses for the nasty blurriness and also prescription sunglasses...Thank God..

Great idea about the 25lb. ankle weights sounds maybe promising enuff to make me want to do it again next year.

Glad that you are back up and "running" again

2:46 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a very good experience. Maybe next year your friend can push you? She can lean against your wheelchair, then your dad can just stay at home. I am sure he wants to be there to support you, it sounds like he was just having a bad day. Although you don't need the added stress.

Please don't let it get to you too much, you did raise a lot of money and that is a great thing! I am amazed at the whole 'gift' thing. I was not even aware of all that (shows how much I pay attention, I did not even know there were gifts besides t-shirts, lol). Anyway, it seems to me that if they say they are going to do something, they should stick to it, otherwise it gives the society a bad rep. I think we all know those people who donate because they think they are getting something out of it "a prize". Every dollar counts, even if that is how we get it, unfortunately. In this day and age the most convient way to donate is online, it seems to me that would be honored. My guess is that it must be something with your local chapter.

I hope that you get to feeling better. Eye problems are horrible. I can relate. I am one of these people who need sunglasses even in the winter! As always you will be in my thoughts. Please take care of yourself and try and get some YOU time in. :)


4:03 PM  

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