Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Only 4 days left......

Sunday is my MS Walk. I am not very excited about it at all this year yet I am sorta. First off I'm not doing very well in the emotional/mental health department and I just feel as though my family isn't into this year. My sister quit our team, my mom has gotten 1 sponsor this year and my dad well so far nothing. It isn't so much that I want us (them) to raise a million dollars although it would be nice but it just seems that no one is interested in even doing it. There are only 2 reasons as to why I am going to do it this year first and foremost Shannon, my best friend who also has MS is going to do it with me this year and also because I have raised almost $400. It's almost embarrassing this year as I just found out that last year our team was in the top 5 for fundraising. This was out of the 400 some other teams and the over 3,000 people that walked. So this year there is no way that I see us being even in the top 100. Which is fine by me but as I already said a lil embarrassing ya know?

My goal for this year because I don't do the New year's resolution thing was to walk at least half of the 5 miles. Honestly I couldn't even walk the 1 mile. I'm not sure if I will be able to walk at all. Today was HORRIBLE..the pain and the weakness was off the charts. I had such a hard time even standing I lost count of how many times my legs gave out on me today. It is so scary too when that happens not just cause it's scary but because it always seems to happen when I am alone with the kids.

Just found out today that Quorry may get his old job back which would be wonderful as he would be home more and here to help and see the boys. So now I just have my fingers crossed and pray that it will happen.

Tomorrow is my blood work for the chemo. The famous 10 day bloodwork as day 10 is the day that my white blood cell count is the absolute lowest. I'm no way in hell gonna let them mess with my mediport as it is really bothering me lately. Since it is sooooo freaking hot here my veins seem to look like they would cooperate. This heat has been a killer for me I know that is not helping my MS at all and I think the hottest it has been is like 75. This summer is definitely gonna be the death of me......


Blogger Jaime said...

$400 is great, it is more than I was able to get together this year. I am sorry your family has not been very supportive. This was not a good year for me in regards to the MS walk either (didn't feel good, just moved to the area, etc.) so I figure there is always next year to try and do better. Don't beat yourself up about it and don't stress out because you are doing more than a lot of people will ever do in their whole life (with or without the illness). That is something!

I will keep you and your family in my prayers that your husband gets that job which will allow him more time with you and your boys. That would be nice. :) And, also that your bloodwork goes good. I hope that you start to feel better.

It seems to me that this MS depression bug seems to have a hold on a lot of us MS'ers at the moment. PMA: We WILL get through it. If you need anything, you know where I am.

Oh, and I understand about the heat. It has been in the 70's and 80's here lately, and they say it will be a really HOT summer! I love summer, but am not looking forward to that. I guess I need to order me a couple of coolties.

Take care. Jaime

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