Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Have to have an angel on my shoulder or up my ass????

Okay let me explain that strange title. First off my "recovery" from this scariest relapse EVER has actually gone quite smooth. Now of course I'm not recovered 100% yet as that could take (what so far has felt like FOREVER) a little while longer. I am however "walking" by which I mean I can now move my right leg A LOT better than I could a few weeks ago as a few weeks ago I could not move it at all. My "walking" has a little kind of a gimpy strange limp to it and I still have foot drop like you would not believe but the way I'm looking at it is I'm NOT in that damned chair. My Physical Therapist is helping A LOT!!!! she is great and gives me easy yet hard exercises. Easy for example sit down and stretch my legs out (easy enough) hard like march in place which is VERY hard to do for my right leg because that requires lifting it up as far as I can it is VERY painful and VERY hard to do. I'm very glad that I'm one of those lucky people that Solumedrol helps. I honestly don't know what I would do with out it. I'm not gonna lie and say the steroids are all a walk in the park because believe me they definitely are not they have their downs, like the fact that I went 5-7 days without more than probably 10 hours sleep and with nothing to eat. That definitely isn't good and I think I have lost maybe a little more weight, I can not tell, and I refuse to have a scale in my house. I do know that when I get to feeling a lil better well I take WAY too much advantage of that and hurt myself by WAY overdoing it. You know I use all my spoons by like 8 am. So after almost a week of doing that to myself I had to MAKE myself stop and breath and take a break and only do what HAD to be done around here. I mean I DO have 4 kids who are all old enough to help around here and in all actuality if any mess is made it's because THEY made it. They have been doing pretty well at cleaning up after themselves.

Still not sure what is going on for the medicine front, won't know much more than I do now until I go see the DR. on August 30th. So I'm pretty much keeping my fingers crossed that Tysabri is an option, not sure if it will be because I'm not RR. So we shall see...........


Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Wooo-HO! Go Amanda, GO!

9:53 AM  

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